Comfort zone — this is an area of our living space where we feel comfortable and safe. On the one hand, it protects us from stress, on the other — inhibits our personal growth. How to expand your comfort zone?

Being in the comfort zone, a person does his usual actions. which are interesting to him and do not cause unpleasant sensations (fatigue, impatience, fear). In the comfort zone, everything is predictable and stable.

The comfort zone is like a bubble, outside of which is unfamiliar and dangerous the world is — the risk (scope of possible actions, the field of possibilities). The output is in the risk zone out of the comfort zone, typically accompanied by discomfort, but he a necessary condition for the development of personality. In the comfort zone, we seem to be "mothballed": since we are comfortable and comfortable, we are not going to change anything. We do not develop, and if nothing is done, the degradation of the personality may eventually begin.

It is therefore very important to learn to expand comfort zone. learn to do those things that you do not want to do, or scary, but necessary. Usually the younger a person, the more willing he expands his comfort zone, and the easier it turns out for him. Usually, the expansion of the boundaries of the comfort zone occurs in three stages.

Stage 1 — awareness of boundaries. You must understand what actions and habits we perform with pleasure and which cause us discomfort, i.e., not included in our comfort zone.
Stage 2 — the determination of the boundaries of the comfort zone. We are aware of at what point comes the exit from the zone of comfort, a lack of confidence, fear, etc. and making the first attempts to leave the risk zone.
Stage 3   - expansion of the comfort zone. If we regularly carry out certain actions, we gradually include them in our comfort zone.

For the successful expansion of the comfort zone need to fulfill few important conditions. First, you need a clear motivation. Answer the question: "Why should I do this?", "What will it give me?" The key word is "me", not parents, teachers or other people, but personally to you. If you do not have personal interest, the comfort zone will remain in its previous borders.

Second, change attitude to the situation. Usually within the comfort zone associated with something terrible and difficult. Convince yourself that where it ends with your comfort zone, starts not the full dangers of the dark forest, and a thrilling and interesting new world to conquer. In development need to see no difficult aspects, and interesting.

Do not attempt to expand the comfort zone in all directions simultaneously. Begin with something one. and preferably - not too unpleasant for you. For example, you are used to getting up at the last moment in the morning and running out to work without having breakfast. Begin daily set the alarm for 10 minutes tomorrow and before going to work, drink a cup of coffee with a sandwich.

Note that comfort zone will expand, not immediately. The action became a habit and no longer "stretch", you need about three weeks regular daily repetitions. Try not to shirk and not postpone until the last - the more you put off, the harder it starts.

At first you probably will not feel discomfort "fueled" from the enthusiasm. caused by a new beginning. But over time, enthusiasm will dry up, and there may be a desire to give up everything. If you do, the comfort zone will again take its usual boundaries, and all efforts to expand it will go to waste.

In such a case there are a couple of tricks that help to move on. For example, reminders. Post in prominent places stickers calling for action. Can help. Or take the dare.

Can to enlist the support of friends. conclude with them a bet that you will be hurt to lose. Or just tell us about your idea as much as possible. If they support your endeavor, you will try to support their faith in you. If they treat him skeptically, you will want to prove to them that you all can.

The comfort zone needs to constantly expand — this is personal growth. And if you approach the expansion of your comfort zone not as a necessary evil, but as an exciting challenge, you will save yourself from the discomfort and easily reach new heights .