Hero Mel Gibson in the movie "the beaver" put on the hand of a stuffed animal-a beaver, and I was talking all solely in his name. I think schizophrenia? No, just midlife crisis in men can manifest itself in different ways- including quite bizarre.

In his youth, the young people full of hopes and dreams, making plans (sometimes distant) and are trying to take advantage of the opportunities. But time goes, and at some point in life (usually at 35-40) it turns out that the possibility was irretrievably lost, and old age from the distant future became a very real threat. Here begins a prolonged depression   - middle age crisis.

By the way, midlife crisis prone, even those men who have reached significant heights. In this case, the cause of depression is not regret about the lost opportunities, and boredom and satiety. In their life already have everything they could wish for — and how now to live?

Midlife crisis in men can manifest itself in different ways. Someone who makes impulsive actions (for example, change of job). Someone drowns his sorrows in alcohol. Someone "goes left", confirming the saying that "a gray beard — a lusty". That is, men are trying either to escape from problems, or to create the appearance of solving it. Meanwhile, alcohol destroys health, infidelity, family, and the need to start fresh in your new job makes you feel like a greenhorn and an even bigger loser if something suddenly does not work.

Some men like fall childhood. more precisely, in adolescence. They begin frequently and unpredictably change the mood, they make rash acts. Others start behaving like grumpy old men, constantly berating everyone and everything. Or even shut down.

Often men go to extremes. If a man was previously active and sociable, he can turn into a reclusive, avoiding friends and all crowds of people. And quiet men often indulges in all serious, as if trying to catch up.

Are there ways to overcome the middle age crisis in men? Of course, there is. Butstruggle with any problem must begin with awareness. Often their problems the man blames not himself, and entourage — his wife, children, boss, colleagues. He thinks they have changed, and he remained the same. You need to take a pause and think about what went wrong and why it happened at this particular moment of life.

There are several ways on how to get through the midlife crisis. The first is the most effective, but most difficult. A man should himself to re-evaluate their beliefs. decide what rules and regulations adopted by him and which are imposed from the outside. If this fails, comes to the aid of the second method is work with a psychologist. The third method is more common in the West than we do. It group therapy and psychological trainings. Recruited a group of people with similar problems, and they are together (under the guidance of coach, of course) to find the solution.

During this period, a man is especially important for the support of women. we can't leave him alone with the problems. He feels like a loser, so why aggravate this condition? Every man needs approval of his actions, he needs someone for whom he will reach new heights. The truly wise wife will help to mitigate the negative manifestations of the crisis of middle age.

To help deal with the crisis hobby. If a man has a hobby that brings him pleasure and at the same time safe for himself and others, it can be a good help in overcoming the crisis.

As corny as it may sound, to overcome midlife crisis in men helps patience. Psychological crisis is a natural stage of human mental development, prevent its virtually impossible. So women should be reserved for sensitivity and patience, and men to find the strength to recognize the problem and solve it, instead of trying to forget in alcohol and marital infidelity.