Who at least once faced with tips on how how to become a bitch. Countless number of websites, lots of books, mountains of DVDs and even specific courses — all dedicated to the teaching of bitchiness. And, if you think about it, who is still a bitch. How can it be?

Once the word "bitch" had a negative and even abusive tone. Today bitches are celebrated odes, devoted to songs and movies. In the view of the modern Everyman bitch is a strong woman, knowing the value of yourself and others who are well-versed in men. The bitch has a successful career, a chic house, a loving, caring and extremely wealthy husband or a whole crowd of no less wealthy admirers. Bitch boldly goes through life, does not consider with someone else's opinion, loves freedom and does not recognize the universally recognized norms of ethics and morality.

The most famous bitches of the past twentieth century, consider the famous Mata Hari, Lily Brik, Zsa Zsa Gabor.  All these women were very beautiful, and they were followed constantly by rich admirers. But they say, in one degree or another, all women are bastards (it's not for nothing that Irina Allegrova sings: "we are all women - stinkers."). But the question of how to become a bitch, not every woman asks herself. What does this lady's "bitch" title give to the fairer sex?

In many respects, the bitch is a real selfish, living only for pleasure.  She changes men like gloves, she does not deny herself anything - who would not dream of being in her place? However, there are some practical tips on how to become a bitch.

Real bitch flirting right and left. even if she already has a regular fan. To be a bitch, you can try a little flirting on the side, because men are much nicer to win "prey" than it is to get into the hands of "the game", which itself had fallen on him.

To experiment with flirting is fine a friend or mate. but you can flirt and really, having met with someone new. The main thing is to show the man from time to time that he has a potential rival, kindling a real "hunting" excitement in him. It is important, however, not to outplay, and then you can easily earn your "fifth point" of problems.

Bitch reserved, calculating and cold. and to become a bitch, you need to learn how to behave this way. "Puppy" ecstasy and "melting" from one glance - just not for a bitch. "The less a woman we love, the more we like her" - Pushkin's winged phrase is 100% true in the opposite direction.

How to become a bitch who always does only what you need and want? You need to learn to say "no". If a woman at the slightest call, ready to hightail it to the man, he to such a luxury will quickly get used to it. But if women also have their "urgent business", then the man is in good shape, subconsciously preparing for the "battle" with potential adversaries.

The mysterious wild bitches. because the more difficult the "riddle", the more a man wants to solve it! To become a bitch, you need to stop being an "open book" for others. It is necessary to perform unpredictable actions, not explaining them in any way, to give the man mysterious looks and half-smiles. A man will like to be intrigued by such a person.

Do I need to play a bitch from time to time, or should I try to become a real bitch? Every woman does this choice for herself.  But we must remember that the path of the bitch is strewn not only with roses: resentment and disappointment, quarrels with relatives - that's what the beginning bitch can expect. Do you think that a woman can be a bitch?