Every person on his life meets certain people with whom he has a relationship. It can be a simple acquaintance, a friendship that lasts a lifetime, or a romantic relationship. But, as it is not unfortunate, the romance ends and it's time to part.How to break up with a partner, and what to do after a breakup?

Reasons why people start relationships very much. Some do not want and are afraid to remain alone, others are looking for their soul mate in order to create a family, others meet millet for the sake of sexual relations. Since each case is individual, the reasons for parting are also individual. And how to properly part in a particular case can advise a psychologist, having previously studied your relationship history and your claims to a partner.

But, since very few people turn to qualified help on this issue,it is possible to deduce some rules, how to break up with a loved one, and what to do after a breakup .

The first rule. be honest with your partner. Do not lie and think of a beautiful reason for parting. This will not make life easier for you or your partner. Just tell me why you took this decision. Express your complaints, resentment, resentment, dissatisfaction with your partner. After all, it may very well be that after discussing certain reasons that prompted you to take this step, you can stay together. A simple misunderstanding of each other's desires just played a cruel joke. Of course, not all people can speak the truth, but this is a purely individual case.

Rule two. try not to hurt a person. It's easy to say, but hard to do. After all, with any relationship is accustomed to the person, and any parting brings pain. Some react calmly enough, others - very violently. But, after all, you were already thrown once, and you were told the words "let's part." Remember what emotions and pain did you experience at this time?

So how to leave that partner was not hurt. Alas, this is impossible. You can only mitigate the bitterness of parting. Try to find the most convenient moment to tell the whole truth. If this helps, then try, that at that moment you were not alone, and next to your partner were his friends or relatives who could support and calm him. If you know that parting will incite your partner and he himself may be inclined to violence against you or yourself, it is better not to do it face to face. Write a letter, or send an email or social network. In this case, you will have time to think everything over and weigh every word. But, anyway, face to face meeting will in any case be inevitable. But you two already have an advantage, because the first shock of realizing that you are parting, has already passed.

The third rule. ask for forgiveness and thank. Do you think that nothing is to blame and it's only your partner's fault that you are leaving? Maybe so, but you are doing a person hurt. Sincerely ask him for forgiveness for the pain. You will see that the cargo will also fall from your soul. And do not forget to thank him for the happy moments (and they sure were!). In addition, a relationship with this person could help you understand who you are looking for. Gratitude will help to maintain a normal relationship with your former partner in the future. After all, you never know what is waiting for the turn, and maybe this person will one day come to the rescue.

After the end of the relationship, it is not necessary to fall into depression and constantly complaining that You are all tired. Parting is one more step on the way to a new, unknown and better in your life. Feel free from everything, start a new life. If you left your spouse, loved one, or just a partner with whom nothing was together, start a new life boldly. Find yourself a new occupation, but just do not remember the past. After all, everything that happens in life - for the better. Make this expression your motto and you will soon see how life presents you with new surprises and gifts.