Each person is exposed to one or another form of addiction. Most often we are dependent on public opinion, which influences the formation of our attitudes and lifestyle. What is social dependence and is it worth it to fight it?

For a start, it should be clarified that one should not confuse the two terms: "dependence on social networking" and "social dependency"{!LANG-4a08dda5faa8befd3927474378a31491!}

Dependence on social networks is characterized by the fact that people spend most of their time spend on a monitor of the computer constantly being on a social network{!LANG-523063b63ce0a97053f95147610f0c20!}

Social dependence differs from the above{!LANG-a7cc78dc8ab28772a78193c1adeb2a9d!}

Another negative manifestation of social dependence is the inability to make their own decisions. So people just following the stereotypes that had formed in his head: "my decision does not mean anything", "we must listen to the opinion of others". Social dependence causes people to obey the system: without guidance and examples from the not possible to work.

Social dependence greatly affects the self-esteem{!LANG-841361b8e7f053053ea009838b8a32c2!}

Social dependency requires not only combat, but also her awareness. As each of us depend on the opinions of others in varying degrees, it may be advisable to simply understand that others do not care about our lives. Do not make excuses for their actions and mistakes. Only the parents and very close people can actually to worry about us.

To break free from social dependence, it should be understood that it can attract, and why it is so difficult to abandon the familiar life{!LANG-852150266a76bfddfa33c226db2dc944!}

Also get rid of social dependence is very good for relaxation{!LANG-99498d2167eef28a3359bdd462c42579!}