Every woman always want to attract the attention of the opposite sex. But some men are paying attention, while others will not. What is the reason? Maybe there are some secrets, how to attract attention men? So. Country Councils will tell you that paying attention to men.

Every woman pleasant attentions of men. But not everyone knows that there are certain rules how to attract a man's attention. To begin to work on their appearance. Men pay attention first to his feet and a beautiful breast of a woman. Therefore, you should stress those parts of the body. For example, legs accentuate the beautiful skirt. Beautiful breast shape can be emphasized by a neckline. But don't at the same time to focus on cleavage and legs. Vulgarity only scares men.

Men attracted to women who look after their appearance. Beautiful hair, nice manicure, light makeup and a pleasant smell of perfume is a must for every woman. Various accessories will not only complement Your appearance but also will attract men's attention to a particular part of Your body. So, a bright brooch or necklace will attract the gaze of the opposite sex to the neckline and neck band helps to emphasize the waist, and rings and bracelets will draw attention to the hands.

By the way, will not prevent to decide what type of men attracts You most. So think about what is important to You in a man: his appearance or charm. You should also think about the character traits that you must possess Your partner. Try to make a detailed psychological portrait on a piece of paper. To be sure that Your new friend is the one who fits You, you can check with this portrait.

Now let's talk about exactly how to attract attention. To begin, start to visit places where you can meet men. It can be various sports events, exhibitions, sports halls. In such places You will have a much better chance to attract attention.

To be noticeable, try to be in the center of the room. Avoid large crowds of people. Being together with friends, and especially friends, You will not be very much to draw attention to themselves. There's a simple explanation: no one wants to be rejected in front of other women.

Do not forget about nonverbal language of Your body. The lion's share of information about a person we get it from his non-verbal signs. So you can use certain non-verbal signs that will help to attract the attention of men: a smile, eye contact, movement.

Smile always attracts people. It shows that You are friendly and You can meet. Don't forget that people can feel more relaxed around You if You just smile.

Try to look into the eyes of Your interlocutor and not to look away when talking. But it is not constantly "drilling" of the human eye. You also can't wink — it is vulgar and vulgar. Remember that eye contact is best accompanied by a slight smile. So when You and Your partner will meet your eyes, slightly smile at him. If You like a certain man, but You are not familiar with it, can also use the power of his gaze. Look at the man over his shoulder and smile at him. Count to three while watching the man in the eye. Only then should you look away. Glance, this duration is not considered blatant staring, is a sign of Your interest.

Another tip on how to attract attention: first talk to him. In the shop You can ask him to help You with your choice of any one thing. Or ask that it would be better to choose as a gift to his brother or father. Furthermore, you can just praise the man or make him a compliment for some reason. But make sure you leave him then alone. Not worth the extra time to intrude. But You already drew attention to themselves, so if You are interested in a man, he will want to meet You closer.

During a conversation try not to cross his arms — a sign that You are closed. From time to time you touch your hair, remove them from her cheek or pull their hand back. Also, touching the ear or the earring will allow the man know You're interested in them. All of these nonverbal signs will help You in dealing with man.

{!LANG-b08d3349533ca2b64226980e57d289a8!}. Openness to other people will always help You to attract a man. Not complex and behave naturally. Be a bright person, and You will definitely attract attention.