Love is a wonderful feeling, if only it is reciprocal. Love one-sided with time begins to exhaust and complicate life. And then there is an occasion to think:how to stop loving and get rid of the addiction caused by non-reciprocal love?

A situation in which a person may want to stop loving, are different. Perhaps it was the unrequited love. and when you realize that you are not destined to be together with your loved one, you decided to pull this feeling from the root out of your heart. Perhaps you broke up with your partner, but the feelings still remained and prevented from moving further and to build a new life. How to stop loving a man who does not leave you out of my head?

To stop loving, some concentrate on the negative qualities of a person, remembering all the bad things connected with it. They hope that the negative feelings will displace positive. Perhaps this would work, but why multiply the negative in your life? The bad in our lives enough as it is. Then you will perceive these relationships (or love) as the lost time in your life. Love is gone, but left a bitter aftertaste of regret. Keep only positive memories and emotions — to stop loving a person and other ways .

Some allow opposite error, seeking in whatever was to maintain friendly relations with the object of his love. No one is saying that it's impossible. Just build a friendship it is necessary only when you win love. To stop loving, try some time not to interfere with the person. if you work or study with him - communicate communication to strictly working topics. This is difficult: you will want to meet, call, chat in ICQ or social network. Suppress these impulses: every time you meet or try to communicate, your feelings will flare up again.

In fact, the very wording — how to stop loving — not too successful. It's not the feelings for the person as such (I say that a sincere love is unselfish). The fact that you do not imagine your life without this person. There is little sense of possessiveness, and insecurity (often after a breakup, there's doubt that you are on your own imagine something). This can be exacerbated if you have common friends, subconsciously you are afraid that friends will cease to be shared, and you'll lose them. So even sometimes.

Unilateral love is an addiction. some find in this kind of painful pleasure and cling to this feeling, while convincing themselves that they want to stop loving. But this is self-deception: they get used to the position of the martyr, get used to feel sorry for themselves and seek sympathy from others. They revel in their pain, losing the remnants of self-esteem.

Therefore, it is important not to stop loving the other person and begin to love yourself. You have to prove to myself that I can be happy without it. You is a complete person, you have your strengths, your talents and Hobbies, your friends, your own life. Though like to say that people are in love, two halves of one whole, but this does not mean that without someone to love you incomplete.

Try to live life to the fullest, so that you do not have time to think about your unrequited love. Find yourself an exciting hobby, often meet with friends or make new acquaintances. In general, now you need new impressions. Only now for a new novel is not the best time: even if it seems to you that you are ready for a new relationship, it is unlikely that this is so. You risk insulting a person who sincerely falls in love with you.

But still the best way to stop loving someone is to be patient. Time heals all wounds. The first time will not be easy, but you need to understand and accept the fact that your relationship is over (or that they will never be). Life does not stop there: you need to move on, not focusing on the feelings that make you stand still.