Many large companies have your enterprise portal. I do not mean the official site, created to communicate with customers and partners, and internal website, reserved exclusively for its employees. What is it — a luxury or a real need?

Let's start with the fact that the corporate portal is not quite a website, although he has similar. Functions of the corporate portal is wider than the functions of the average website. Such a portal is a web interface that combines the functions of an information resource, a social network and a repository of documents and other files. Usually, a corporate portal is available only in the internal network of the organization (intranet) - a person "from outside" will not go to it.

Why do companies need a corporate portal? First, it provides communication between different departments and divisions of the company. reducing the time to transfer important information. This is especially true for banks and other organizations that have many units (within the same city or in different cities). Instead of notifying each branch about innovations, you can post information on the corporate portal, so that everyone gets it on time.

Second, enterprise portal provides effective communication employees. This is especially important when working on joint projects. As in the previous case, each employee can send the requested information as quickly as possible to the addressee. Staff has easy access to the necessary data. In addition, the social network integrated into the portal makes up for the lack of employees in communication - it's better to let them communicate on the portal on work issues than they do on Odnoklassniki.

Third, the corporate portalfacilitates document management and reporting. Shared file hosting allows you to upload the necessary documents directly to the portal. This facilitates joint editing of documents. In addition, a backup copy of working materials will never interfere.

Enterprise portal can also be used for training and adaptation of new staff, Ukrainia horizontal linkages between departments, reduce the need to travel. The process of work in organizations will become more transparent. This is necessary for the employees (awareness of the specificity of activity of the company is an important component of motivation), and authorities (easier to monitor the work of employees).

Of course, there are corporate portals and their drawbacks. Development, configuration and support and administration of the portal should be carried out by a qualified technician. which needs to be paid. Add here temporary and cash costs for training employees using the portal.

It is also possible to leakage of corporate data to competitors  in case of hacking portal. Sometimes competitors do not even have to use the services of a hacker - only one unscrupulous employee who is ready to "merge" internal information to competitors for a fee. So it is very important to ensure the maximum security of the portal - and this again costs.

There are several approaches to the creation of a corporate portal. You can order portal development from scratch. then he will meet your individual requirements. But such development is expensive, time consuming, plus you will need to pay the developers for continued support. Can buy a ready-made platform. you will have to modify to fit your needs — but for this will likely need narrow specialists.

Therefore, most companies prefer buy ready-made solutions based on content management system (CMS). Such systems have an intuitive interface, so after installing and configuring the system, almost any employee can administer the corporate portal by specialists. He does not need knowledge of programming or HTML-layout. But this does not mean that the portal can be left without technical support - simply in this case it will cost you less.

Enterprise portal is an effective system of internal communications. allowing to optimize business processes in large companies with a lot of employees, branches and branches. But if you have a small firm, whose entire staff is located in two offices, it is unlikely you will need such a portal - the sheepskin will not be worth the candle.