Our own shortcomings can sometimes poison the lives of not only us but also our loved ones. What to do in this case? To change the Outlook of the other is simply unrealistic, and is it necessary? It remains only to adjust his character. But how to get rid of the shortcomings. which is in us?

The disadvantages people always are very negative. Any defects that we find, and it can even be a disadvantage in a person's appearance, immediately sets us on negative thoughts. It turns out that we seek only the ideal. But it actually does not exist. But if we were all ideals, then life would be very boring, because human flaws make us unique. Only thanks to them we all differ from each other.

But even despite this the statement that flaws make us special, it does not mean that they do not interfere with us or the people around us. So there comes a time when correction of deficiencies in becomes very important for us. But how to get rid of shortcomings, many do not know.

Any advantages and disadvantages of a person can be seen at different angles. So, what you do not like about yourself can be turned into your dignity very quickly. The main thing is to correctly formulate your requirements. For example, you do not like the fact that you are too self-confident. But after all self-confidence is the same courage, only with a negative overtones. Why do not you work on your shortcomings in such a way that they become your dignity? Of course, in this case, it will take a very long time to select and adjust to your desired character trait your lack. Therefore, to start, sort out yourself!

The next step to correct deficiencies: the realization that your own self-esteem is very low. Think, is everything so bad? Maybe just a certain person does not like that you have this particular character trait? An undervaluation should be raised. As soon as you begin to correct your shortcomings and turn them into dignities, your self-esteem will rise automatically.

Of course, correction of deficiencies is a very long and difficult process. which is not to everyone on forces. Therefore, many choose to go lighter, as it seems, the path. Instead of working on themselves, some decide to hide their flaws. But the fact that it is not the best scenario.

Imagine the situation when you long live with a man and know him as yourself. But at some point, this person starts to show their worst side, and do things you do not expect from him. You start to wonder and is this person really who he claims to be ?

And now imagine that such disappointment in you can wait for your partner. So it turns out that you will have to change yourself initially, in order to avoid similar incidents in the future.

To completely get rid of the shortcomings impossible. You or others will always have something not to like about you. Therefore, determine for yourself exactly those traits of character that cause you the most disappointment. They should be changed. This can be done in two ways: turn a flaw into a dignity or completely eradicate this trait of character.

If you decide to get rid of the drawback, you should take a look at ourselves. after all, so it will be much easier to work on yourself. If you can't imagine yourself, find someone who has the same disadvantage. Watch out for this man. Do you like his behavior? If not, you will be very easy to change yourself.

On the path of self-improvement you may face many difficulties. because no one can help you in your struggle with your own character. Therefore, always try to control yourself and your behavior. At the slightest hints of the repeated manifestation of your shortcoming, you should immediately suppress it.

Only after a long and hard work you can achieve your desired results. Be persistent and you will forget about your shortcomings. From now on, they will not have a place in your new life, because you now know how to get rid of shortcomings.