Indiscriminately blaming all men that they are assholes, women forget the fact that they themselves are not perfect. Your disadvantages of each, and men if you want too, can present a beautiful semi-long list of complaints. What women's disadvantages the most annoying men?

Women's disadvantages: excessive need for attention

Of course, everyone needs attention. But women often forget that even the most loving couples, each partner needs personal space. In the beginning of the relationship, the couple can feel great, spending together almost 24 hours a day. But after a while a man begins to feel the need to take a breath of fresh air, and the woman at the same time continues to demand attention from him, takes all his free time, up to the fact that he drags him along for shopping.

You need to give the man personal space — it must be time that he can spend as he wants. If he decides to spend it with you, great. And if not — it doesn't mean that he doesn't like you. Just his life does not end with your relationship, and that's absolutely fine. One of the biggest mistakes in a relationship is to restrict their entire lives. Be self-sufficient and be able to observe Golden mean. if a woman shows love and care, but does not "strangle" them a man - this is a great virtue, which more than covers many of the women's shortcomings.

Women's disadvantages: jealousy

Jealousy is normal. As long as you can keep yourself in the bounds of decency. It's one thing when a man clearly and unambiguously gives a reason to be jealous (for example, comes from work in lipstick stained shirt, smelling of women's perfume and says he conducted the business negotiations with suppliers). Another when the woman is paranoid jealous of him for no reason. reads his SMS, correspondence in social networks and by e-mail, calls every five minutes and arranges for him shadowing.

A female weaknesses pale in comparison to the jealousy. Excessive jealousy is not a sign of love, is a manifestation of feelings of possessiveness and insecurity. Any relationship built on trust. and what kind of trust may be involved in trying to control every step of the partner, and to question everything he tells you? By the way, jealousy is linked with the previous flaw — the desire to occupy all the life space of the partner.

Women's disadvantages: excessive emotionality

Women on the whole more demonstrative in showing emotions than men: this is due to the physiological, psychological and emotional reasons. But emotions need to be able to control. A woman who let down a tear while watching a sentimental melodrama, causes affection. A woman arranging hysterics due to a broken nail causes rejection.

Your emotions need to be kept in check: men don't like Moody, hysterical women. And even more no need to use emotions to manipulate a man. very few people like to feel like a puppet in the hands of the puppeteer, and sooner or later he will guess that you have prepared for him just such a role. But also to strike at the other extreme, turning into a hard-hearted and emotionless "iron lady", is also not worth it.

Women's disadvantages: what else?

In fact, the list of women's disadvantages, you can continue, if not indefinitely, then for a very long time, and many of them are a paradox! - contradict each other. Excessive concern with their appearance and complete disregard for it; hyperoperation and lack of attention to the man; laziness and workaholism; distrust of a man and blind devotion; inability to agree and excessive complaisance; a woman can be too smart and too stupid, too modest and too relaxed.

So what does this mean? On the inconsistency of men? Their wish to carp at everything, what can? No, no and no again. This primarily suggests that the downside is every quality, taken to extremes. bad is all that too. In addition, all men are different: what seems to be a disadvantage to one, can be perceived as a virtue to others.

In the end, men still love women despite all of their women's disadvantages. Of course, this does not mean that you need to sit on their neck; as far as possible, it is necessary to deal with shortcomings. This only means that not everything is as bad as it might seem.