Every woman has lots of friends and a few friends. Someone got lucky, and they are best friend are familiar almost from the cradle, but many friends we meet in the age. There are people who love us and encourage us to be friends. But you know this desire? How to become friends with the person. which do you like?

Let as many men assert that female friendship really does not happen, but in reality true friendship from a floor does not depend. Just often for the friendship accept a friendly relationship. gatherings in cafes, joint shopping, gossip. All that, thanks to which female friendship deserved a skeptical attitude. But true friendship is first of all mutual understanding and mutual support. How to become girlfriends for real?

To two people who do not have any "points of contact" at all, it will not be easy to become friends, becausefriendship grows out of familiarity and common interests. Therefore, at the initial stage, you should have common themes for conversation. But suppose that you already have friendly relations and common interests - it's hard to imagine the desire to become friends with a complete stranger (although this happens).

To become friends, to forget about stereotypes and misconceptions concerning friendship. One of them is the fact that friends should always tell each other the truth. Of course, in true friendship there is no place of lies. But the truth can be presented in different ways. Sometimes the truth spoken by "friends" borders on rudeness. "What a horrible dress!", "You gained so much weight lately!". The status of a friend does not entitle you not to follow the expressions and tone. And if your friendship is just beginning, it can scare off a potential girlfriend.

Of course, this does not mean that friendships do not happen criticism and blatant flattery reigns. Just need to criticize gently and in any case not to impose a point of view. By the way, the second common mistake often made when trying to strike up a friendship, is tips bordering instructions. No need to dictate to a friend what she should do. Your job is to give advice, but not insist on following him. In the end, your friend is an adult, able to make a decision.

If you want to be friends with the person forget about the competition. To be happy with the failures of a friend is the last thing. Of course, an easy competition moment in friendly relations can be present, but to put the person on the footboard (figuratively speaking) and share the guys with him is not friendship at all.

It is important to remember that friendship is an almost family-like relationship in which you promise to be with his soulmate "and in sorrow and in joy". It is easy to call a person a friend when you're both all right. But if you need real friendship. be ready to perform these friend promises to reckon with its interests and support in difficult times. Of course she, in turn, needs to do it all for you.

The bonds of true friendship — it's condescending to the small disadvantages of each (no need to idealise the friend, we are all people with their disabilities), loyalty (don't gossip behind my friend, to divulge her secrets), integrity, ability to admit mistakes and forgive the other for it. Real friends do not happen much — a lot can be friends and buddies.

Finally, a simple and banal, but time-tested way to become friends with someone who you love, this is to treat it the way you want it to apply to you. Sincere good attitude always has people: they see that you are attracted by their personality, and not some benefit. So if you really sympathize with a person, do not be afraid to show it to him, but do not force yourself on it. Then you will certainly get to be friends!