In fairy tales, the hero and the heroine always live happily ever after until death. Unfortunately, in life everything is not so rosy: in every respect, small and major quarrels occur, which sometimes lead to a break.How to keep relationship with your beloved. if they made a crack?

Responsible for maintaining relationship always lies with both partners. Therefore, if you have problems in your relationships, you do not need to think that everything will be formed by itself or that the girl will decide everything for you. Many men find it unworthy to ask forgiveness from a woman. If you want to maintain a relationship with a loved one, forget about it: in a relationship, make both concessions, and not someone else.

If you have problems in the relationship, the first thing you need to figure out where they "grow legs". The simplest and most effective way to do this is to ask directly. Many couples broke up because the girl tried to show her displeasure with vague hints, which the man simply did not understand, but did not dare to ask directly or did not guess.

A very important role in maintaining relationships is the ability to talk about the problems. Laying out the problem on the shelves is the first step towards solving it. How many relationships collapsed because of trivialities. For example, you forget to turn a tube with toothpaste day after day. Your girlfriend is annoying, but she does not talk about it. Irritation gradually accumulates and pours out into a scandal. And if she immediately told you about this unfortunate tube, the scandal would have been avoided.

Of course, the example with tube exaggerated, but the point is, I think, is clear. However, the ability to speak about problems are nothing without the other skills — listening skills. It's not enough to tell a partner that you do not like it - you need him to listen, understand and take note. Otherwise, conversations are reduced to a mutual exchange of reproaches, but all this will continue in the old way.

When solving problems you need to be able to negotiate and to compromise. Do not try to "reshape" the partner for yourself - we are all different, each of us has its own merits and demerits. But do not dutifully put up with the shortcomings. If something does not suit you, say this (only gently and tactfully), do not put off problems in the long box - the more they accumulate, the greater the likelihood of an "explosion" that will put an end to your relationship.

But that's not all. To save your relationship with your beloved, you need to be able to forgive. Of course, if a loved one has committed a serious offense, you may not be able to forgive him - but then you can hardly talk about maintaining relations. And in many cases it's better to forgive and give a second chance. No one is immune to mistakes: maybe someday you will stumble, and you already have to hope for forgiveness.

Sometimes in relationships there comes a difficult period, because it seems like you don't love her. The problem is not you and not the girl — the problem is in the differences between men and women. Women are more emotional in the manifestations of feelings and expect the same from men. And men are not used to violently Express their love (except that in the initial period of the relationship).

How to keep relationship with your beloved in such a case? Try to be more open in expressing their feelings and emotions. Women it is very important to feel loved. You can say: "But she knows that I love her!". But "knowing" and "feeling" are two different things. And, by the way, expensive gifts will not always be the best expression of feelings. Sometimes a lilac branch stolen in a strange garden can say much more about your feelings than a diamond ring.

And remember: you are unlikely to keep a relationship with her if you lead her on, even if you have convinced yourself that it's a white lie. The key to a good relationship is honesty and trust. Do not forget that the success of a relationship depends on two. If you learn to talk to each other about your problems and solve them together, then you will necessarily get not only to maintain your relations, but also to bring them to a new level.