Can now forget the word "peace" because today your the neighbors make repairs. Everyone is familiar with this "pleasant" feeling of universal collapse, which occurs a couple of months in your apartment, in the form of noise, trembling of the walls and cries of the workers in a strong Russian language. What do you do if, during such repairs your life becomes unbearable?

First of all you need to enter the position of the neighbors. You also once did a repair or are going to do it. Repair is not a wave of a magic wand. This is a very difficult job, which requires constant fuss and noise. If your neighbors do not cross the borders, they can forgive all the inconveniences, but it happens that people do not even suspect that they are breaking the order in the house, paying no attention to other tenants.

To begin with you should remember 3 important rules:

The total duration of noisy repair should not exceed 4 months.  If the neighbors make repairs in the morning, at six o'clock - you can safely go to them with a warning.

It is forbidden to start repairs earlier than 9 hours.  Completion of the reconstruction work is allowed no later than 19.00.

On holiday and non-working days, "noisy" repairs are prohibited.

If your neighbors follow these rules, then they are educated and intelligent people. You can use them in a peaceful manner to resolve the issues of noise that makes you uncomfortable. Understand that the neighbors make repairs not to to annoy you.  Proceed from this, be loyal.

If you have a child, or a sick person, do not hesitate to warn the neighbors. Wise people will appreciate your position and try to take action.

Often the neighbors make repairs with the help of hired workers.  If the working neighbors give you inconveniences (drinking, swearing, spoiling the property), you must warn neighbors about such behavior, otherwise the consequences can be the most unpleasant.

Sometimes the workers or the owners themselves take out garbage bags on the staircase. If this garbage does not cost you right under the door, do not swear about its availability. Make sure that the neighbors remove all this at the end of the repair.

Do not swear from the start, don't show your obvious indignation repair.  Everything can be solved in a normal conversation, in which you must be friendly and benevolent. Sometimes neighbors do repairs for the first time and can not promise a hundred percent fulfillment of the request, because no one knows what efforts will be required for repair. Exchange phones and, in which case, call back. The neighbors who respect you should also call and apologize for the inconvenience.

Do not be a grumpy neighbor.  Always look at the situation from different angles. And suddenly, tomorrow you will have to completely change the interior, move the cabinets, nail the nails into the wall and knock out the tiles? Believe me, this is a very noisy work. It will be a shame to look into the eyes of neighbors with whom you swore for the same reasons.

If the neighbors are not amenable to a peaceful talk and, moreover, the inconvenience in spite of you — we'll go to the police.  A slight shake is necessary if the neighbors behave immorally.

Wise people say: "If I'm a good neighbor, I'll never have neighbors bad." It is really so. If the neighbors make repairs, no need to provoke conflict. Only in the case of negative answer you need to take action. If you have neighbors impression of a wise educated man, they will accept all your conditions. You can even make friends and arrange gatherings on a brand new kitchen that was hammered a lot of nails, in a cosy atmosphere in a neighbor make you drink tea.

My neighbors are bastards and they got me wrong in the truest sense of the word. For two years now they have been nailing something into the wall with my bed. He spoke many times. And what can be "zemdelki in the kitchen" as you write, if I kill them ready. No health, no strength, I do not sleep at night, because the wagons and kamazes under the window drive the house shaking. No work, no money. One entertainment is sport.

In life, not as it should be. Our neighbor blocked the inter-apartment corridor, the fire passage. A commission came, and she said that I would not clean the partition, because she was afraid that her neighbor could blow it up, that is, which objects to the violation of fire safety. That's so easy, they throw such accusations. What militia will you go with this question? People have long ceased to respect a friend-friend. At the request of neighbors, do not fill garbage with construction waste in the repair - just "culturally" sent to three letters, and then begin to harm even more. You start to defend yourself legally, you become an enemy of the district police officer, and so your life will be turned into AD. That's how we live in rudeness. permissiveness and lawlessness, while the roasted cock will not bite!