Beautiful and ugly women are strange definition. The impression is that this stereotype created the woman. There are ladies insecure or neglected, but it's all very easily corrected. Some simply explain that beauty is a matter of time, and not in the context of Professor Dowell's head, but in terms of experience and work.

It is worth noting that the film is full of not only Hollywood beauty. Yes, someone can conquer the world Breasts fourth size (Kelly brook), someone- a mole on his lip (Niki Taylor, Cindy Crawford, Marilyn Monroe, Helen Tsyplakova), and someone who became famous thanks to Shcherbinka between the teeth (Vanessa Paradis, Lara stone, Lindsey Vikson). But what would the movie be if it starred only the written beauty? "Even I don't look in the morning, as Cindy Crawford". - says the famous American supermodel. By the way, any woman can use this quote as a motivation to achieve self-confidence.

Beautiful and ugly women are able to tolerate some mistakes. because of what the definition of "ugly" exists. These women have introduced it into everyday life, no one is to blame.

Mistake # 1.  I am not pretty! I shout about it to everyone, because it's obvious, but my defensive reaction will save me. Will not save, but only exacerbate. Yes, you will look stupid if you try to attach non-existent qualities to yourself, for example, a fluffy head of hair, if you have it not so outstanding. But in any case, do not criticize yourself, especially in front of men.

Mistake # 2. I'm growing my nails, hair, lashes, pumped up lips and Breasts, kill yourself and be like a man wants. You know, in this case, you had better do sports, to become a business lady, follow the rules of style and find yourself a hobby that will save you from mockery. See, men love self-sufficient and smart, and beautiful and ugly — this is the female forum. As they watched the Busty blondes, intelligence it is very important.

Mistake # 3.  I'm beautiful, so I can be a fool. If you consider yourself beautiful, you should not be a fool at all, otherwise all your work on yourself will go down the drain. If a woman was able to earn the status of "beautiful", then it's a sheer highlight, and not hidden. So why not become perfect? Clever, well-groomed, interesting and interesting - that's what you should strive for.

Mistake # 4. I'm ugly, so I buy myself a suit and going to sit at home. By the way, the suit is also able to see the faults of appearance, for example, the stoop. But some of the stars of the stoop is considered brand, for example, Renata Litvinova. Do you think she was not from complexes about it? She says that she was bullied and teased at school for thinness, stoop, height, face and "space perception of the world." And now, thousands of women copied her habits and appearance. Why? Because this woman called herself beautiful, feminine, finally, the goddess, though, note that, by world standards it is not aiming for beauty, and who better than her to know what it is — beautiful and ugly women. Here it is as a ship call, so it will float.

What do you think about this man?  Are there beautiful and ugly women for them? And men somehow do not think about it. They can fall in love with a woman with a 42-foot leg size, which puts the public above personal and wears a tail of thin hair on her head. You say that this is not a woman and it is impossible to fall in love with such a person? Believe me, such a type contains an unlimited amount of femininity, while a blonde with long legs considers herself fat, freckles almost a chemical intervention, shocking the public with an imbedded image, rather than catastrophically pushing away from herself.

Thus, beautiful and ugly women is a dubious concept. Don't get stuck on their complexes. The most offensive, often far-fetched complexes, and the woman themselves around the limits. It is not necessary to depend on international standards and the views of society. Didn't wash today because it was a reason to quietly sit in the bus or in the subway car. You're not going to report to the driver? Of course, try to be well-groomed, self-confident lady, with my head held high, and peace to you reciprocate. And remember: you are beautiful. Now, every minute and forever!