They say that if the woman makes the offer. it means she doesn't respect herself and has cultural image of women. Who knows, maybe this is true, because, on the basis of such beliefs, a man must think first to take the initiative in this matter, but men as well and women, too, are indecisive.

Modern women know that their lives need to be arranged independently, not hoping for outside help. That is why all the boundaries of the generally accepted rules that were previously in effect and were not even discussed were violated, in order to avoid doubts about their correctness.

I wonder why date a woman, not a man. Sociologists say that this is the eternal feminine thirst for equality. The woman won the right to trousers and made this clothes quite feminine, coming up to the trousers with designer enthusiasm. Now the relationship between a man and a woman is on the line. How does a woman make an offer to a man? Nothing very different from the male proposal in this process is not, just have a few nuances:

A woman is more inclined to romance. It's not just about perception, it's about reproduction. Thus, a woman does a man's job jewelry, protecting himself from unpleasant surprises. This is a plus.

A woman makes an offer without knowing the reaction of a man. Even being confident in yourself and in the relationship, remember that men are wary of marriage. That is why they will not make an offer of marriage, examining and evaluating all the "pros" and "cons". If the woman makes the offer and is refused — is the collapse of all hopes and beliefs. Recover hard then. It's a minus.

The woman makes the offer, buying the ring, even the flowers. She makes a romantic dinner, takes responsibility of the speaker, who must convincingly announce his decision. Still, this is a complex process, both physically, psychologically, and financially. In addition, a man after this may lose self-esteem. This is a minus.

Not necessarily to propose an official tone,. There are women who, in a light free form, are able to offer a man a hand and a heart. A man does not even quite understand what is happening, but he likes gambling and ease of communication. This is a plus.

From the point of view of marketing and, given the statistics, jewelry business doubled wins in the modern world. It says that strong women has doubled. Well, or women were twice decisively. In any case, jewelry boutiques approve of such equality. That's a plus.

A woman makes an offer is not always deliberate. It happens that her decision is not weighed and very hastily. Simply a woman is much more emotional than a man, so expressiveness prevents her soberly assess the situation. There is the concept of "not my man". So, for a person to become "his", it takes a long time, for which it is worthwhile to visit the chosen one in many critical situations and evaluate the reaction to many things. A woman is more quickly identified with a choice, but men only seem to be windy. In fact, they carefully look at the woman and react painfully to some flaws.

Not in a hurry. If the woman makes the offer, so she was tired of waiting. Still, family life is a very serious step. The man making the offer, you take the double responsibility for the relationship. Stay woman and wait patiently for your partner will Mature. But when the man finally matured, but are afraid you to announce your decision, talk to him and ask how he would react if you made him an offer, while leaving his / her female secrets. If he agrees and is interested, go ahead! But being too Amateur it is better to let will not be shown, because as you know, the initiative is sometimes punishable .