Many people have heard at parting sacramental phrase: "let's just be friends". That is a real desire to maintain friendly relations, or attempt to make good of a bad game? Is it possible to remain friends after breaking up?

In fact, it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question of whether it is possible to remain friends after the termination of a love relationship. Much depends on why you are offered (or you propose) to maintain friendly relations.There are a few common options:

  • someone from partners still have feelings, and he hoped that the maintenance of friendly relations will help to return everything as it was
  • someone from partners (or both) just want to create the external appearance of prosperity, to show others that they broke up, like civilized people
  • both partners appreciate each other and do want to continue friendly relations.

In the first two cases, you are unlikely to be friends - it will only be the appearance of friendship, not real friendship. But in the third case, all chances are: contrary to the prevailing stereotype, friendship between a guy and a girl is quite possible, and oftenthe best friends come from those who in the past had a romantic relationship with each other.

However, to stay friends after a breakup, you need to leave. If you leave someone alone, it is unlikely that you will be able to maintain friendly relations. There is only possible that "friendship out of pity", when one of the partners continues to love, and the second offers him friendship. Most likely, before the former lovers can communicate as friends, it will take a very long time, if such a moment generally occurs.

But if the decision about parting was balanced and mutual, without scandals, mutual reproaches, the division of property and children, the death of love may well mean the birth of a new friendship (or the revival of the old, if you were friends before you start dating).In this case, it is important to explain to the breakup. that you do not have any misunderstandings.

The main thing — remember that the past should stay in the past. And this applies not only to your relationship with each other, but also to communicate with your mutual friends. You do not need to gossip with your girlfriends, devoting them to the details of your relationship, having passed into a new quality: after all, this only applies to the two of you. Even if others think that there can be no friendship between you, you should not try to convince them. Let them think they want to.

However, do not forget that a friendly relationship with a person who was your romantic affection may prevent you from building your personal life. Many believe that friendly relations with the "former" are impossible. And this means that, perhaps,you will be faced with jealousy from the side of your new second half. Unpleasant situation, you will agree.

In this case, most likely, you will have to make a choice and decide what is more important for you: friendly communication with the "former" ("former") or your new love. This does not mean that you will have to completely sacrifice friendship.It is important to prioritize. Still, there can be many friends, and a loved one (in the overwhelming majority of cases) is only one, so he will always be in the first place.

So, if you are interested, if you can remain friends after parting, then we hasten to please you: you can! That's only friendship is not born by the wave of a magic wand. On friendly relations, as well as over any other, it is necessary to work.It is important to make sure that you have no romantic feelings towards each other, and leave behind all the insults. Then, perhaps, the same strong and disinterested friendship that only the former lovers can have will be born.