The question itself: how to fall in love with her husband. sounds pretty strange. It would seem, why to fall in love again, after all he married you for love? Unfortunately, over time the feelings become much simpler and more primitive. The same household is able to make ordinary family life, not to mention love. But everything is possible to resume. Moreover, it is possible to make feelings even stronger, it is only important to know how.

Why a husband loses interest in family life. A woman thinks vainly that only a man is to blame for all the failures of family relations. In fact, there is no one to blame, just need to be a little more careful and careful to keep what is, and do better what needs to be improved. If family life becomes boring, the question arises: how to fall in love with her husband, but for some reason there is no question - how to continue to love and be loved. It's important that you do not think about how you love your husband, but about how you love both of you in this marriage, how you miss two of you when someone is missing.

Man always needs attention. This does not mean that he is proud of himself and only himself in his mind, just male nature requires a course of events in which a woman should feel not only a loving wife, but also a caring mother. If you deduce the formula of the husband's love, it will consist of the simplest mathematical action: interest plus care. From this it follows that you must take care of your husband and be interesting to him.

Wonder women believe that once married, you can relax, stop caring for herself and make time for their Hobbies. On the contrary, now the woman starts double heavy, but fascinating work. It should not bring discomfort. If you love your husband, you will never reproach him for demanding a lot from you, while he does not demand anything at all. He just takes you for who you are, and he loves you. Think about it: if you were not interesting to him, would he meet with you and live? Answering this question negatively, you can move on.

A woman should understand one truth: a man wants to be a conqueror. It is not necessary to arrange each day of tantrums, so he won you in a good mood. You need to be both fascinating and addicting, not allowing yourself too much. The freedom of women, which is admired by men, lies not in the night clubs and get-togethers with friends until morning. A free woman is a woman, which is devoid of obsessive prejudices. In addition, this is a woman of many Hobbies and interests.

Never be offended by a man if he asks you, for example, about poetry, which you've devoted my life to. This does not mean that the man is not interested in what you are doing. He probably just doesn't know anything, and the man is not allowed in a conversation with a woman to be ignorant and stupid. Forgive your man if he does not distinguish iambic from trochaic. But appreciate how quickly and efficiently he repaired the crane and reinstalled Windows. Are you sure that in the kit for the golden hands he needs to know by heart the whole Block? If you are worried that a man does not belong to your interests, gradually and enthrallingly tell him some things related to your hobby, focusing on the details that will most interest your man.

At the same time you must concern with the Affairs of her husband. If you have boiling water or broth poured over the top, still find two minutes to hear about the Affairs of her husband and compliment him or reassure you if things don't go as we would like.

Remember that food and sex are not the last major things in family life. Cook with love and have sex with pleasure, and not fulfilling the marital duty as if you do not want this at all. As for cooking - this should not be joked. A man loves, when in a couple of minutes you are able to do something from nothing and feed not only him, but also suddenly come friends. Believe me, your resourcefulness will be appreciated and lauded. As for sex - do not be afraid to experiment with new poses, do not do a man a favor. Do not want him to go to his mistress - be for him a posh lover. Look after yourself, do not spare money for beautiful underwear. A husband who feels that he is worth it, so that for the night with him put silk sheets, never go to his mistress.

Remember that the husband is a man, who must be best for you all. A wise woman should always talk about her husband with respect not only in his absence, but also in the presence of himself. Thus, you do not even have to think about how to fall in love with a husband. He will be in love with you throughout his entire family life, not allowing even the thought that someone is capable of being better than you.