The doctrine — light. Alas, not all people are easily trained. Sometimes a person is smart and educated, but not given to him, for example, English. Sitting out for days at a textbook and dictionary, a man loses faith in himself, thinking that he is stupid, and in fact, it is not so. Just the method of self learning and motivation is not enough universal. We need to develop a positive attitudes to learning. not to make the training in hard.

How to force yourself to learn? First, the question itself: how to force yourself to learn, is already wrong motivation. The verb "to force" acts destructively on the human psyche. There are people who will perform the work of any complexity and weight until they are forced to do the same work in a team tone. What to do? It is just a verb "to force" to replace with "interested." As they say: the best work is a well-paid hobby. But, believe me, sometimes interesting work brings pleasure and without payment. The main thing is to have peace and satisfaction with the result of your work. Study is the same work, and it can be attributed to the category of work for the sake of pleasure, and not for the sake of material prosperity. Of course, in the future it will be much easier to provide oneself with material benefits, using the acquired knowledge.

How to develop a productive attitude to work. not going to sacrifice and infringement of his free and busy time? Try to combine leisure and work day. If you are learning a foreign language, buy colored stickers, spread over the apartment, pre-writing words, transcriptions, rules of pronunciation and writing. This will help not only to develop the ability to learn the language, but also the visual perception is improved as much as possible.

Equip yourself comfortable workplace. Of course, if you are sitting at the kitchen table, trying to remember historical dates and events, and you are surrounded by dirty dishes, a radio and a squeal neighbor's child under the window — neither of which working environment cannot be considered. But comfort promotes peace and harmony, in which we want to live, study and work. This method loyal towards the studies you provided.

Give yourself installation: no social networking. Did you notice how fast time flies if it goes to scrolling, "husky" and viewing hundreds of photos of a girlfriend who got married? Imagine how much important and useful you could have done if you did not waste time on the Internet. Abstract from everything that takes your time and distracts from the main job. Already a couple of hours to study can be identified. But then what a wonderful feeling of satisfaction, when the work is done and the necessary knowledge is obtained.

Think of some reward for the work. Not necessarily after studying one paragraph to escape to the boutiques and do great shopping. Treat yourself to something tasty or start a small bill to save money on a thing long wanted, but never found the time to buy. For example, you want the book, but to go to the store once. Find out the cost of the book, divide by seven days. The resulting amount every day, after a patient and interesting learning process, delay in the box. And in the day go for the long-awaited purchase. This will be a great reward for work and it's pretty good motivation.

Don't worry if you are not learning. It can not be that you were uneducable. Just you are bored and uninteresting. The humanist looks at the mathematics with horror until he realizes how to do the mathematics of the humanities. It's easy, it's important only to review the science and adjust in your own way.

Remember that you should disturb the question is not "how to force yourself to learn", and "how to learn with pleasure and interest". The best reward for your hard work — personal development. Be demanding of yourself and considerate, develop attitude towards learning by right methods, replacing painful patience with interest.