If the girl's in a bad mood, usually have a hard time and her boyfriend: well, as you can happily go about their business, when your girl is bored, sad and generally "the's no hassle"? So many young people want to know how to raise a girl up.

Of course, the universal recipe for improving mood does not exist: all girls are different, and that is guaranteed to raise the spirits of one another will only drive in still in great anguish. Guaranteed can advise only one thing: do not try to speak to the girl "don't be sad". most likely, it does not work. Well, how can you not be sad when it's sad?

Try unobtrusive find out why your girl in a bad mood. many girls deliberately do not rush to complain, because they expect attention and concern from the young man. But the key word here is "unobtrusive": there is no need to arrange interrogation with addiction. If a girl does not hurry to tell you everything at once, she may not flirt, but does not really want to talk about it.

Whatever was the reason of bad mood of your girl, need not be considered her frivolous and ridicule. you can think of a broken nail or PMS as meaningless nonsense, but many girls may be in for a long time spoiling the mood. Your task is not to assess the seriousness of the causes of the spleen, but simply to cheer up the girl. Talk about emotional sensitivity is better to move to a more appropriate time or not at all.

One of the most simple, yet effective ways to raise a girl up — compliment her. Only not "on duty", and sincere: if you tell the crying girl that she is beautiful, it is unlikely it will please. She knows what it looks like now is not the best way. But too genuine compliments to invent is not: the girl in the upset feelings may not appreciate your offbeat sense of humor.

Of course, this does not mean you have to be deadly serious. Very often a good joke or anecdote helps to lift the mood of the girl. Just keep your sense of humor in check: you must know what kind of jokes your girlfriend likes, and which only more will upset her. If your girl does not have the mood, joke should be on neutral topics, but in no case is not over it: even if she normally normally perceives an inoffensive banter over herself, in moments of a soul disorder, it's better not to take chances.

You can tryto distract her from the cause of her bad mood. Here it is necessary to take into account its interests. Someone will be calmed by a walk or a trip to the zoo, someone - sitting in a cafe with a cup of coffee, someone - watching a romantic comedy or melodrama, and some people are distracted from sad thoughts by physical activity, for example, going to the gym, or a portion of adrenaline . Rely on your observation, and if you are not sure - just ask.

Often girls in a bad mood in need of physical intimacy. No, we don't mean sex. They just want to be hugged, patted on the head. So they feel protected. But there are girls who in moments of sadness do not want to be touched, and need solitude to "recharge the batteries". If your girl is one of them, respect her wishes.

Although sex is also not necessary to dismiss, sometimes it helps, because in making love promote the development of "happiness hormones" — endorphins. Just make sure that she really wants it, and in the process make every effort to please her. The sex must be good, or it should not be at all. Forget about yourself for a while: this is not ordinary sex, but a kind of "psychotherapy session", your pleasure is not in the first place now. Do not pounce on the girl, arrange a good prelude, be gentle and considerate. A girl must feel welcome and loved.

In fact, only you how to raise your girl in the mood. Just show her your love and care   - she will certainly appreciate it and smile.