Previously, family was considered the unit of society. Today, the family is not of such value. Women have become wiser and smarter men have learned to do women's work is not worse than the women themselves. Some unions just to impress: family created, but no respect and attention to each other never felt. The question arises: do I need a family in such a total indifference?

If you ask the family of people that for them the family. - the answer can be expected the most unpredictable. Women talk about some kind of physical support, which they could handle with great success themselves, and men rejoice that now they have a personal slave who will clean, wash and cook for days. No one even mentions such values ​​as respect and understanding.

Necessary in modern society. Some women consider the family of their parents and the child they gave birth to themselves. But the concept of "for yourself" is also quite blurry. Man is born not for someone, but exclusively for self-realization in this life. Women who are guided by the concept of "giving birth to themselves" can raise a child who will be completely unprepared for life. There are exceptions, if moms on time revise their methods of education.

Men in modern society, too difficult to choose. It is difficult to find the one that would be able to contain life, to have children and all that would remain beautiful and glowing. It's not even the woman and in failing to comply with all these requirements at once, and in the conditions of modern life, which requires constant hustle, effort, and complications. Often the woman drags on itself all life, while the man, at best, takes responsibility only for the financial security of the family.

Nowno one believes that in the family there is a place for mutual support. Joint wallpaper gluing is equated with something inappropriate. Only one member of the family takes the child from the kindergarten, because even in the mentality of the society, for some reason, there is a complex scheme of rejection of someone else's family happiness. One of the parents must be either necessarily busy, or absent altogether.

Civil marriage is now considered a full family. If to take into account some nuances, civil marriage is really a bit easier than the official one. If you ask companies why some couples live in a civil marriage, many will say: "In this case there are no problems with divorce and division of property". Thus, subconsciously, people are already preparing for the worst. Neither of which love, even speech can not be. In the minds of people have such a thing: in marriage no time for love. Unfortunately, it is unknown where the legs grow from this nonsense. People had ceased to believe in the best that they are literally smashing and breaking everything in its path, but would not go beyond the conventional social.

The family is absolutely necessary. First of all, the family is an alliance of two loving people who want to live together. Family - this is happiness, which should be valued, cherished as the apple of the eye. If a child appears, he needs to be surrounded with care and warmth, thanks to each other for the appearance of the fruit of love. Always someone must concede, and someone - to argue. It does not happen that everything was smooth, but the slightest quarrel is not an excuse to destroy a marriage, remaining with a clear awareness of the unnecessaryness of the family. It's just very important to meet your man, based relationships on love and trust.

Do you need family? This question can ask only very young or unsure of the future. But the young Mature and unsure should understand that mutual support and desire of sharing the happiness is the best. to what one should strive in life.