Any satisfactory result requires considerable effort, mind, the thorns, resourcefulness. I think it's just — to marry a foreigner. No, quite the contrary. We must act so as not to seem self-confident and at the same time too indecisive lady.

So how can you? Most importantly, believe in yourself and in your abilities. It is necessary to think that you, it is you who make the foreign man happy, since many of them want to marry a woman of Slavic origin. Be brave because the princes are gone now. So, we read the instructions.

  1. Find international Dating site. had a great experience and a great reputation. Carefully read all information on the website, also don't forget to read the rules of use, then to avoid misunderstandings.
  2. Next you need to prepare high quality photo. Do not take the money and go to the make-up, buy a beautiful dress and make a great photo. Prepare at least three photos, using different outfits and makeup. The first thing you pay attention to your groom-to-be, here is a picture, so to look at it is you have perfect. It's clear that the man loves his eyes.
  3. Be sure to sign up on the website. Place one photo in the profile, describe yourself with only the best, and, of course, specify man you would like to meet you. You can specify every detail, putting height, weight, color of hair and eyes, perfect age for you foreign men. Also would not hurt to write about for what purpose you registered on the site.
  4. It is not necessary to wait for some Prince to dare to write you. Act for yourself, take the initiative! Browse profiles of foreigners, read their requirements, but don't be afraid to write first. Let him know that he is wondering. It happens that on the first day no one will like it. But no need to worry, there is one that will meet all of your requirements. Maybe he hasn't checked in and waiting to sit down at the computer. So, do not despair and keep looking because you really want to marry a foreigner.
  5. You need to use all the features of the site. For example, talk to those who have already found their love abroad.

And again. You need to be able to use the software in which you will type the text for the answer (if we are talking about e-mail correspondence). It is also desirable to use Skype. with the help of which you can communicate and see each other with his companion. It's better than all the time to answer letters. Maybe so you can have enough communication, and not have to go anywhere to meet and immediately get married. This, of course, does not always work, because many men need to "inspect the goods", so someone needs to come visit.

Always respond to emails of foreigners. so how to skip your man easily. Knowledge of English is welcomed, but there are programs that can translate written. Also on some sites you can use the service of an interpreter. Yes, it will be a little difficult, but with time you get used to reading emails and replying to texts.

If you find a suitable man, then do not hesitate to ask about his habits, hobbies, hobbies. This will serve as a huge plus for you and for your relationship, as some bachelor antics can not be eradicated. It would not hurt to learn about the country, its moral foundations and culture, as you live there, and not the fact that your lifestyle or your preferences will be cheerfully welcomed by a man.

Who said that marrying a foreigner is easy? Did bring the matter to an end, as decent foreign men on road do not roll .