Stimulus person is the external stimulus which helps to enhance the value of priorities in life. Without the stimulus, it is impossible to fully move forward. If people can clearly measure its strength with the opportunities is an unqualified success.

How to empower your life with incentives. It's not necessary to create a lot of them. It is important to think of one single stimulus and move with it towards finding the goal. If you can not determine the importance of the stimulus that you are trying to apply for your life, try to operate with a very easy plan, which you yourself must develop for yourself.

To begin with it is necessary to learn to distinguish between stimulus and motivation. Stimulus is the primary motivation or motivation. You can explain this with a concrete example. Let's say you want to get some extra reward for your work. This is the incentive. To receive a reward, you will have to work hard and perform tasks at a high level. This is motivation. Now it is important to teach yourself to feel the need for stimulus. In other words, the stimulus is a dream. And how can you live and work fully without a dream?

Dream is a reason to act. It has long been known that to get what you want is more effective and easier when the person makes maximum efforts to achieve the goal. The first step towards achieving the goal is to develop an incentive.

Stimulus person can belong to such categories  as:

  • economic
  • social
  • psychological
  • moral.

A boost to certain actions in any of these cases depends on the nature of the stimulus.

Economic stimulus. The desire to receive remuneration for work or occupation is an economic incentive. In this case, you should clearly be aware of your abilities, so as not to demand the impossible. If you require, for example, from the employer an amount that does not match the quality of the work you have done, you are planning a false incentive. Solving the same economic problems and increasing the efficiency of the work is most productive when you really assess your opportunities, show them in practice and get a deserved high appreciation.

Social incentive. It is important for some people to realize to what social stratum they belong. So, if you want to break out of a simple worker into the bosses, write down the points on what you need for this and how you intend to move up the career ladder. His search is not enough. You need to consult, use special literature and, of course, work on wear and tear in order to secure a fine reputation and earn your trust.

Psychological stimulus. Many people are trying by all means to the harmony of his inner world. If in the case of economic stimulus the person is important financial income, psychological stimulus does not imply a reward in the first place. There are more important psychological aspect. Man ending to do a report that gets emotional balance and peace of mind, what he actually wanted.

The moral stimulus. If a person has a complex character for working in a team, this can lead to a complex attitude toward oneself. In addition, this also affects the productivity of the work. If a person's work is very important - there is an incentive to become more respectful and attentive to employees, so that the future does not fall into such a ridiculous situation.

But this is a common set of incentives. Each category of incentives can be allocated a certain subject area and rely on very different values. For example, for someone, the incentive is to buy commercials, and someone is more important to work all week so qualitatively that on a day off, disconnect the phone and finally get enough sleep. That is why a person's incentive is a beautiful life credo, which is expressed in small, but pleasant rewards for work.