The former can be a boyfriend, lover or husband. My husband is a little more complicated because you can have children, so you have to be constantly with him to maintain the relationship. But now is not about children and painful breakups, but how to deal with an ex.

First, let's talk about things that don't need to do with ex-boyfriend. Times there are things that are unacceptable in your behavior when meeting your ex, and then there are those for which it is worth to communicate with him. Rumor has it that former lovers are the most loyal friends. Well, try to check.

You should never have sex with your ex

Nothing good comes out of this lesson does not work, even if it was the desire of both. The feelings are like when you meet your ex, can be so strong that you will instantly begin to dream about how would it start again to meet. But this is only at the meeting. And imagine what will happen with you after having sex with an ex. You can daydream, and then to start imagining a long and happy life with ex-boyfriend. It's your business, but remember that after another parting again you will have to learn to live without it. the beloved.

Do not allow him to keep your erotic photos

The situation may be that his new passion will find your "nude" photos and make a scandal. Do you need it? Moreover, he will suffer all the same, but you, too, will be unpleasant in such a situation.

Don't write him letters or SMS

After breaking the relationship you need to move forward and only there. But the correspondence that has arisen will not give any chance of moving to new relationships and sensations. If you start meaningless communication with the former, then you have to remember all the moments of your life with him: from happy to the most painful. Are you ready for this? Then it is better not to start anything like this.

Remove it from the list

From what list? Yes, from anyone, most importantly — less to communicate with him, especially if you really had a hard time breaking up with someone. To deal with an ex you need to gently, so to speak. It should not be Intrusive communication. For example, you begin to call him or to write entire essays about the senses, briefly asking about the health or Affairs. So, once struck is forever. If we met on the street, take a few moments to formal greetings.

But now there are few pleasant moments left. You could have several common friends or common affairs, so you can behave with the former and in a friendly way. If this is not a burden for you, then you will suffer and communicate.


If you broke up with friends, then no one will have an awkward feeling when meeting in one company. Friends do not have to choose, with whom to communicate, and with whom - no.

Unfinished business

It happens sometimes that you broke up before some event, for example, you are invited to the birthday party or the wedding of a relative. How to be? If you're on friendly terms with the former, you can attend the event without feeling guilty and awkward.

Less feelings, more positive things

So, are you friends? Then it will be easier for you to meet in the city. It is better just to smile at him and greet him, rather than hide and gloomily turn away. If he was an excellent listener or understood you very well, then you can use his positive qualities for yourself. You can become good friends if circumstances favorably develop.

If you parted in good terms, to deal with an ex should also. No need to speak ill of him in public, in the company of friends. Good attitude to man is the indicator of your maturity. A little different situation if you have a child with him. It is necessary to maintain friendly relations with the former. because you show an example to your child.