In any company there is always someone who doesn't have fun with everyone and sits quietly on the sidelines. This man does not feel an outsider that turned away all but only a defective personality that can't communicate with other people. What about this man? It makes itself felt inferiority complex.

For the first time the inferiority complex described by the Austrian psychoanalyst Alfred Adler. According to him, all people who suffer from inferiority complex see yourself as something small, insignificant. But the whole truth is that everyone feels to some extent inferior. Perhaps you have something that does not work out like the others. Or you do not have the same success with the opposite sex as your friend or girlfriend. Due to the fact that many do not pay attention to such small complexes, they do not feel deprived of anything.

But there are always people who see ourselves as insignificant personalities. And to feel like you don't even have to be disabled or sick with an incurable disease. Perfectly healthy people may underestimate yourself. All the mistakes and failures a person takes very seriously, while comparing themselves with more successful people and getting as a result of not good health and mood, and long-term depression. In the most severe cases, an inferiority complex can lead to suicide.

Very often, people with an inferiority complex manifested certain signals that indicate the state of a person at the moment. A person can try to attract the attention of other people, while he will use all the methods available to him. Also on the complex can indicate and such signals: the fear of people. fear of making a mistake, tension, lack of contacts. Very often even the cause of speech defects in a person can also be his sense of inferiority.

Often found inferiority complex in men. The man as protector and breadwinner of the family, can realize himself fully, as his inner obstacles preventing it. It turns out that the man feels nothing: he has no status, beloved, good works, etc. it takes excessive use of alcohol, increased aggression.

Worst of all, the feeling of inferiority is laid by our parents. The way parents relate to a child in many ways predetermines his future. A child who was praised, encouraged and helped in every possible way, in adolescence will not face an inferiority complex. But the children who were rejected (unwanted children), constantly humiliated, insulted and simply said that they will not achieve anything, in the future they will feel deprived.

But not so bad as you might think. The fact that in some cases, the awareness of inferiority can be a decisive factor in order to achieve more. Recall the ancient Greek philosopher and a successful speaker of Diogenes. He was able to overcome his own inferiority complex and become the person I wanted to be. If you do not feel the strength to do more, at the moment start with the struggle.

So, how to get rid of the inferiority complex? To begin, try not to do such things :

  • underestimate yourself
  • create an ideal and compare yourself with it;
  • compare yourself with more successful people
  • remember the opinion of your parents about you
  • to underestimate what you have at the moment.

Instead, try to think about more good things. Replace all your habitual thoughts and actions that :

  • set small goals and implement them;
  • ask friends and relatives as they do good to do things that does not work you
  • appreciate what you have now
  • communicate more with relatives, colleagues and friends
  • don't be afraid of the competition and competition
  • cheer up and tune in to positive thinking
  • believe in yourself
  • talk to a good psychologist.