Rudeness on the streets, in stores and even at work everyone faces. In some such unpleasant situations happen every day, others less rude. Do we expect that we once again today, got nasty, or not, the resentment still will not leave. So starting to wonder how to respond to rudeness.

It is worth noting that rudeness and crudeness is the usual pattern of behavior in certain institutions or areas. So, very often we are rude to sellers, waiters, civil servants. In addition, the rudeness is often complained to drivers, because on the road there is always someone "smarter", to whom you have crossed (or better said moved) the road.

Rudeness never appears out of the blue. Just so you will never be rude, so this behavior from other people always has a reason. And there are several reasons for rudeness. So, rudeness in the store is only due to the fact that the seller at the expense of you wants to establish itself in his position, because he feels that he is below you at the social level. The waiter in the cafe is rude only for the reason that he is already accustomed to such behavior and to the fact that they are talking to him in the same tone. Rudeness at work on the part of employees happens in the event that you are envious and want to offend. The chief is rude and rude to you, because he feels proud that he is socially superior to you.

There are more severe cases, when the rudeness becomes chronic. Ham specifically wants to provoke you into a verbal argument. If it succeeds, the winner in any case will be he, not you. You will leave with broken spirits for the whole day. Ham knows this and is happy that he managed to make you feel so bad. Moral satisfaction — that drives boors.

So how to respond to rudeness? Each case of rudeness is different, so a universal answer for every situation to choose. In addition, many answers only lower you to the level of a boor. But you must be above him! Therefore, psychologists recommend not to enter into a verbal skirmish with a boor, if you do not want to hear such a stream of insults, which can spoil your mood, not that it's not a day, but a week ahead. But you can not remain silent either, since you will not emerge from this game as a winner.

The best way out is to use humor. Try to reconsider the situation with a bit of humor in and out of her beautiful. To do this, do not immediately answer something boor. Because of hurt feelings and insults you all the same anything sensible does not respond, so deliberately lose. Suggest you look at the situation from a different angle and find the answer ham did not expect, i.e. you need to make a joke. The joke should be so thin that you could ridicule the behavior and words of Hama. If others begin to laugh with the situation, then you put ham in his place.

If you know how to defend yourself against rudeness you will always find the best way out of this situation. If you are rude colleague, then replying to him a couple of times, he will leave you behind. If you constantly face rudeness and humiliation on the part of the boss, here too one can not tolerate such an attitude toward oneself. This boss must be controlled and reminded that you are also a person and you have your own sense of pride. For the fact that you show yourself as a strong personality, you will not be fired from work, but you will not be a victim of a boor. If you are naughty in a store, cafe or bar, then everything is much easier: you do not even need to answer anything to this person. Immediately contact the management of the institution. A couple of such complaints, and the person who nags you, will be dismissed.

Remember that if you provoked a rude response and shouting, wine arranged for the scandal will fall entirely on your shoulders. So never go down to the level of a boor and always go away with a joke. Look at the boor like a cornered little child who does not know how to defend himself, so he says everything that comes to his mind. Believe me, only from this one thought will you stop paying attention to rudeness and attempts to humiliate you.