Self-doubt prevents us to fully realize our own potential. Many people could achieve in life a lot more if they were more confident in their abilities. How to get rid of insecurity?

First you need to understand where did your insecurities. Most likely, in the past you have experienced the situation that rocked your confidence in their abilities. Perhaps you lost some important thing for you. Often the cause of insecurity is the negative criticism, or even rejection of your services. Doing something good, people expect appreciation and recognition. If his achievements are perceived as something self-evident, he may think that coping badly.

So, decided where the legs grow from your insecurities? Now you can start to deal with it. If your insecurities — a result of failure (or what you consider a fiasco), it is important to understand: never wrong only one who does nothing. Yes, failures are unpleasant, but they must be perceived first of all as a source of experience. One failure is not a reason to stop trying. Do you think everyone always gets it the first time?

It is worth remembering that big wins are seldom given to people immediately, the path consists of a series of small achievements. Do not try to jump above the head, raise the bar of your demands to him gradually. Each new little achievement will gradually raise your self-confidence. However, it is not necessary to do only what comes from you, obviously well you will not grow and develop. Don't be afraid to try something new.

If the lack of confidence caused by negative criticism, you need to accept the fact that you won't always be praise. You can't please everybody. The problem is most likely not a negative criticism per se, but your dependence on other people's opinions. If you take to heart the opinion of each person, which is found on your life path, you will never be able to cope with self-doubt.

Therefore it is very important to outline for yourself the circle of people whose opinion you really care about and listen only to their opinion. And remember that no one person can be competent in all areas. So, for example, in professional issues makes sense to listen to the boss or experienced colleagues, in personal — rely on mom or friend, etc. No one must be your absolute authority .

It is also worth divide the rating of you as a person and criticism of your actions and achievements. If you were told that you are not too well something did, it doesn't mean that are bad for you as a person. Do not think that your one mistake will cause others to put you on the cross, and look at things easier.

To overcome insecurity, we must remember that one is a warrior. Relying on other people - not a sign of weakness, surrounded by like-minded people, feels much more confident. Try to surround yourself with people who share your interests and Outlook on life. Communication with such people helps you to feel more confident, and gradually this confidence will spread to any environment.

And remember: nobody's perfect. Someone succeeds in one, some in another, each has its strengths and weaknesses. Don't let your weaknesses undermine your self-confidence. Do not get hung up on them. Of course, this does not relieve you of the need to work on yourself, just do not take failure too much to heart, and you will definitely succeed!