To spend with a girl romantic date — this is a great opportunity to get acquainted, get to know each other. But sometimes from such undertaking it is necessary to refuse only because of the fact that we are afraid or don't know how to ask a girl out on a date. You shouldn't give in to fear! The land of the Soviets tell you how to ask a girl out on a date.

Why guys don't like to ask girls on dates? The answer is simple: of course, for fear of failure. Not think of anything worse than hearing a polite, or maybe even a dismissive "no" in response to trustingly open heart and soul. But in fact, such fear is not so often has a factual reason, and the girl I want to date, maybe she has long been waiting for the first step. So it's time to take myself in hand   and do some preparatory work before inviting a girl to a date.

So, step number one. First you need to consider the idea of Dating. If you just call a girl you know and invite her to "go somewhere," while not offering specific ideas about the venue and the "script" of the meeting, then, consider this attempt to be doomed to failure. It is important to choose at least two or three interesting places in advance, where you can invite a girl to a date.

If a girl you know fairly well, then place for a date you can pick up individually: because you must know what she prefers to do in your free time. If familiarity with you invite a girl you have just "capped", then you probably cannot go wrong choosing a "classic" place for a date. cinema, cafe, restaurant, theater, exhibition center, etc.

The second step is the timing and direct the meeting place. From this step, as practice shows, much depends. It is necessary to think over at what time the girl most likely could be free: in the evening hours or in the afternoon. The meeting place will depend on how it was decided to hold a meeting. Always a winning option - a crowded place, well known to you, and the girl you invite. As a guide, you can choose some famous architectural monument, sculpture.

Interestingly, many guys are not in a hurry to ask girls on dates because they fear that it will cost them too expensive. In fact, to take a girl on a date to a restaurant or a café is not the only way to hold the date. For example, a very interesting, fun, romantic and, most importantly, low-budget, you can spend a date on the street. However, much depends on the weather and your mood.

So, walk with the girl studied along and across the main street in the cold, in the snow or in the rain, of course, is not the best choice. But if warm, dry weather out with a girl on a forest walk   or go together to discover the riddles of their hometown, then such a date already claims to be a success. Of course, such an idea needs to be coordinated with the invited girl, so that it does not turn out that she will have to walk on the stiletto on the forest paths.

The third step is, actually, the invitation of a girl. To invite a girl on a date, you can call her, write an SMS or a message on the social network, tell her about a date in person. Of course, the latter option is most suitable, but if there is no opportunity to meet, then the choice is better to stop on a phone call.

If you decide to invite a girl on a date, by calling her, then try not to delay the phone conversation. It is enough to say hello at the beginning of the conversation, ask how she is doing, find out if she is free in the near future. Then you can immediately go to the invitation. At this stage of the telephone conversation it is very important to use the "right" phrases.

To the question: "would you like to go with me. "the girl most likely will want to answer: "Not wanted." Therefore, such language use is not worth it, and formulate your question better in the affirmative: "would You like to go with me. ". You can also start an invitation to a date with such phrases. "One of these days at the cinema show a great movie. Can we go to this movie together? "Or" Let's go to a restaurant / cafe, they say, there is a very good kitchen. When are you free?".

To invite a girl on a date best 1-3 days before the expected date of the meeting. This will give her time, in case of her consent, to prepare for the meeting, to properly plan her plans for the day of the meeting. If you invite a girl to a date "day to day", then there is a high chance of getting rejected: not always the girl will be able to cancel the planned plans for the evening and agree to a meeting.

An invitation for a date. as you can see, this is not such a difficult task. If you approach this question correctly, in most cases, attempts will succeed. The main thing is to be sincere, honest and not try to be someone else, except yourself.