If you for some reason have to celebrate the New year alone. don't rush to give in to sadness. Of course, being alone on a holiday, which is usually carried out with family and friends — not the most attractive prospect, but your sadness will make the holiday even more bleak. How to celebrate New year alone?

First you need to find the positives in what you were left alone in the New year{!LANG-432782f2d902ff0cc08ff85c7f7e2c62!}

Second, you don't have to compromise on the occasion of{!LANG-e9898b1fce7820aed4245d0f70558641!}

{!LANG-7f920df7e86ae0a6a7d47d088960e21e!}Can spend new year's eve yourself, dear{!LANG-dacaedced3726f679871e712f6c16af0!}

But if you think that the celebration of the New year in an empty apartment will only exacerbate your loneliness, you need to get out of four walls. If you have not been on holiday, why not combine a long-awaited vacation, Christmas holidays and not to celebrate the New year abroad ?

Whether it's a warm country with beaches and palm trees or imbued with the Christmas atmosphere Europe — you decide. Many people prefer to get acquainted with new countries alone, if you are one of them — this New year just for you. Just don't forget to plan your Christmas holiday abroad in advance: if you leave everything to the last moment, you risk not to go anywhere .

Another option is the New year for singles who love to travel, — New year in the train. Buy a ticket for the night train to the city where long wanted to visit, and in the evening on 31 December make your way there. The new year meet with fellow travellers — it often happens that fate brings on the train of people who under other circumstances would never have met. And if you multiply the fate on the new year's miracle? 1 Jan guide, getting acquainted with a new city, and in the evening go home.

Christmas travel if you don't like (or can't afford), but to celebrate the New year alone in his apartment you also do not want to get out there, a lot of people. Most of the restaurants and Nightclubs in new year's eve offer holiday entertainment show program{!LANG-1c393b530619e2084ebe8fb22e592417!}

Even if you stayed in new year's eve without a company, you will be able to find it directly in the restaurant or club: those are the places where you can meet people in a relaxed atmosphere, to dance, to have fun and flirt. Just try not to drink too much and not to do what you'll regret in the morning .

But the clubs and restaurants do not love it. If you do not treat fans "parties", pour into a thermos of tea, coffee or mulled wine, wear fancy dress (although you can do without it), stock up on firecrackers and sparklers, go to the town tree and join the merry crowd{!LANG-57baa9d80b55dc013b1747b312c769f7!}

{!LANG-ee8c1d877c28a9365237fbf226ecea6c!}Your festive mood is in your hands. so don't let circumstances ruin your holiday.

2014. It is possible to be done by the company)) Propose a very simple and, in my opinion, a very effective way. We who are left all alone to be together and thus not only to celebrate the New Year in the company, but also to find new friends and maybe even find love.