Probably all of us in childhood was waiting for the New year with anticipation and began to feel the approach of the celebration long before December 31. Unfortunately, when we grow older, this special sense often disappears — the daily routine does not allow us to enjoy the upcoming winter holidays. How to create the festive mood.

Christmas mood in our mind closely connected with attributes of the holiday   - New Year's tree, house garlands, purchase of gifts, favorite New Year's films and musicals. However, even these attributes do not always help create a festive mood - they have become so familiar that they do not evoke those emotions that used to be. What should I do if even the tangerines do not please you?

In childhood, half the charm of the New year (if not most) was not in the feast, while. Remember: when you were young, time dragged much slower. The older we get, the faster days, weeks, months, even years pass by. Therefore, we do not have time to feel the approach of the holiday, because every year the course of time (according to our subjective sensations) is accelerating.

Is there a way to slow it down, to bring the festive mood from childhood? There are several ways, one of them keeping advent calendar. This tradition is observed by Catholics and some Protestants. It is associated with Advent - the waiting time, preceding the Nativity of Christ. Especially for children, a calendar with windows is made according to the number of days of Advent, each of which is hidden by a delicacy or a wish. Every day the child opens one window, counting the days remaining until Christmas.

You can also make a calendar — not a Christmas and new year. Of course you can just cross out the remaining before the New year days in the normal calendar, but agree — much better every day to indulge oneself in some pleasant trifle. hiding behind another window. You can also ask to have surprises laid out on the Windows calendar to someone else — then you will not know in advance which "pleasure" is waiting for you today.

Another way to create a festive mood is to engage all the senses. The fact is that usually the festival is associated mainly with visual triggers: decorated Christmas trees, garlands hanging everywhere, glittering showcase. But what about the sounds, smells, tactile sensations?

Start with the reorganization of his playlist. Make a playlist of your favorite songs that you associate with Christmas holidays. By the way, the songs do not necessarily have to be sung about Christmas, New Year and winter; it's enough that this or that song evoked from you pleasant memories connected with the New Year. For example, these can be songs that sounded on New Year's parties you remember, soundtracks from your favorite Christmas movies.

The aromas will also help to create a festive mood. Fill your home with aromas of citrus and spice (cloves, vanilla, cinnamon): arrange for home fruit bowl, use of aromatic lamps, candles and sticks, a sachet with the spices and pomander (homemade fragrant balls of oranges and spices). And the aroma of the holiday has always been with you, you can purchase a perfume with a "Christmas" scent (a perfume company in anticipation of the holidays release a special Christmas collection).

Now it is time to use taste. Every evening, coming from work, pamper yourself with a holiday batch. Gingerbread can be the best: they can be stored for a long time, so you can bake gingerbread on weekends for a week ahead. You can also, after a hard day's work, treat yourself to mulled wine (preferably nonalcoholic, of course) or hot cocoa. By the way, in America it is customary in cocoa to put pieces of marshmallow - try and you (benefit, in some of our stores this overseas delicacy is already sold).

In fact, our festive mood that surrounds us, but in ourselves. Attributes of the holiday, tastes, sounds and aromas can help to awaken this mood, but it's up to you whether you are ready to let the feast into your soul.