How to dump a guy that he begged you to return to the relationship?


So, in order to bring a guy to breakup no special talents needed. Outset – no tantrums, screaming and other "gigs". The most correct is to say: "We need to leave." But it must be done so that your voice sounded a note of regret, which would give the guy to understand that you don't want it. To the question: "Why?" can bring a lot of "strong" female arguments. For example, the most banal: "I'm not what you need" or "You deserve a different attitude," etc. the thing is that in psychology there is such concept as "the Principle of the chair," just imagine: on the chair is a man, you begin to push, what will be his reaction? Properly, the harder you will push his chair, the more he will try to grab you. Also in this case. By the way, at this point it is important to leave at the right time. That is, you should not answer asked them questions, just try to show how you grieve and to escape from the conversation.