To which the girls just do not go, so that the men were at their feet. Young students and mature women, thin and pyshki, vamp and even modest - all of us, ever thought about how, with the help of psychological tricks and other feminine tricks, tightly tie a man you like to yourself. On this problem, a huge number of trainings and books are published, psychologists actively give us advice on how to fall in love with a particular guy with the help of certain tricks.

One of these ways is the art of returning after a planned parting. It's simple: you need to skilfully part with the guy so that he has a desire to return. To take this tricky plan into use, read below.

How to dump a guy that he begged you to return to the relationship?

At first glance this may seem a very cruel method. Manipulate the feelings of a loved one - perhaps even meanly. But, you see, if this manipulation is for the benefit of your relationship, then all methods will be good and this is no exception. Now let's move from talking to action.

So, in order to bring a guy to breakup no special talents needed. Outset – no tantrums, screaming and other "gigs". The most correct is to say: "We need to leave." But it must be done so that your voice sounded a note of regret, which would give the guy to understand that you don't want it. To the question: "Why?" can bring a lot of "strong" female arguments. For example, the most banal: "I'm not what you need" or "You deserve a different attitude," etc. the thing is that in psychology there is such concept as "the Principle of the chair," just imagine: on the chair is a man, you begin to push, what will be his reaction? Properly, the harder you will push his chair, the more he will try to grab you. Also in this case. By the way, at this point it is important to leave at the right time. That is, you should not answer asked them questions, just try to show how you grieve and to escape from the conversation.

After that, you need to turn off the phone or change the SIM card. Here the exposure is important, since it is very difficult to not break and not call first. But in this game wins the one who knows how to wait. Also, try not to catch his eye, avoid the place where he can appear. This kind of underground should last about three to four days, after which you turn on your Simka and live your old life. In 90% of cases the thrown guy calls on the same day and seeks a meeting. To come to this meeting is extremely important otherwise it is possible to "bend the stick". Be sure that after this event your loved one will treasure you even more than before. The secret is simple and easy to explain by psychologists. The whole point is to appreciate something more, it's something we need to take away from us first. Therefore, leaving the guy, you, thus, take yourself away from him and give the opportunity to understand how much you value him.

How to avoid mistakes?

As you can already understand, such manipulations are a very delicate game and it is important to follow the strategy in it. It will be a big mistake if you first drop a man, and after the next day you'll call him and ask for forgiveness. He then, perhaps, and will forgive, but in this game you will be the loser. After a similar behavior, your loved one will understand that in relationships - he is the leader, and you are the slave. Believe me, it does not lead to anything good. A woman by nature with her cunning should tame a man to herself and nothing else. If you feel that you can not show this kind of restraint - better abandon this method or risk hacking your relationship to the root. It is better to read the recipes and bake delicious cakes for him, because it's not in vain for men to go through the stomach to the heart.

We hope that this article will help you strengthen your relationship and push the man to your feet. Be able to part properly, so that a person wants to return. The successful outcome of this method depends on your wisdom and patience. Hold your loved one's heart in your fragile handles, but let him not know about it!