It is not necessary to think that tears are an attribute of the weak and defenseless. It happens that anyone can cry, regardless of age, sex, social status. Scientists have long found out that tears are an excellent way with excessive emotional stress. But what if the phrase "eyes in a wet place" has become your everyday motto? Why do people cry? Maybe this is behind some serious health problems?

Why want to cry?

Changes in the hormonal background are the most common reason why women cry. He undergoes changes during pregnancy, after childbirth, with the end of the period of breastfeeding. Also, the hormonal balance is under attack after unsuccessful attempts to have a child (miscarriage, abortion and others). Menopause is accompanied by a hormonal splash, which entails a number of significant changes in the body of a woman. But from the problems with hormones is not protected and a strong sex. Such problems can lead to persistent and severe stresses, bad habits (alcohol and tobacco), the consequences of certain diseases. Hormonal changes in both cases carry excess weight, fatigue, problems of a sexual nature. There are also frequent mood swings.

Another reason for excessive emotionality may be the emotional stress experienced and chronic fatigue. Violation of the regime and quality of sleep worsens the course of metabolic processes, destroys immunity, and depletes the nervous system. Irritability, tearfulness, forgetfulness and absent-mindedness comes. If sleeping problems are a frequent visitor, then it's worthwhile to think about visiting a doctor, because the result of neglecting such violations can be diabetes or stroke.

Also the cause of tearfulness can be an intrapersonal conflict - it is a state of struggle of diametrically opposed and mutually exclusive values, needs, goals in the mind of a person. A vivid example is a woman-boss, forced to give her best at work, spending her personal time, but at the same time wishing to give warmth to her children and her husband.

Maybe the answer to the question why I want to cry, is the resulting depression? Apathy, weakness, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, exacerbated chronic disease – symptoms of this serious ailment.

What if I want to cry?

In the case when tears are caused by hormonal disturbances as a consequence of pregnancy, then you just have to show patience and wait. This is a normal process, due to natural causes, everything will pass with time. If the whole thing is in the climax, then here it is necessary to resort to the help of a doctor, he will be able to select the necessary medicines.

If the answer to the question "why I would often cry?" are sleep problems and chronic fatigue, think about your body. In the cases when work and household chores do not leave time for proper sleep, it's time to think about upgrading your daily routine. In attempts to ignore the needs of the body you will be severely punished.

The presence of an intrapersonal conflict is very difficult to recognize. If you have eliminated constant fatigue and hormonal failure, and tears have visited you unreasonably, then consult a psychologist. Subconscious problems lead to quite serious diseases.

You have read and understood why we cry. This will help in the future to recognize and correctly respond to the disorders in your psycho-emotional state. Remember that depression is a disease, and without proper treatment it will lead to sad consequences. And since tears are one of its main symptoms, one should not treat them lightly.