Tell me, would you like to be able not to succumb to temptations, control your emotions and force yourself to do what is really necessary? Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., a professor at Stanford University, described in her book "Willpower" on how to become a self-control guru. We tell about five main ways.

Where is the muscle of self-control?

So, if you think that self-control is an innate skill that is either inherent in a certain person or not, then you are mistaken. Willpower is a muscle that can be trained.

The fact is that in our brain there is a special site called the prefrontal cortex of the brain. He is responsible for the fact that we are able to control ourselves. The prefrontal cortex is a very sensitive area. But it can be stimulated by special methods.

If the prefrontal cortex works like a clock, then we can make strong-willed decisions, resist temptations and control our emotions.

What are the ways to keep the bark in good shape?

Proper breathing

The ability to breathe correctly is one of the most important skills if you want to live long and be healthy. People have forgotten how to breathe correctly, and this is very important. What does it mean to breathe as as taught by nature itself? It means making deep and slow breaths. Take a stopwatch and time yourself for 15 seconds. During this time, you should do only one breath in and out. That is, the breath should last about 7 seconds and exhalation, respectively. Per minute you should be doing 4-6 breaths for 10-15 seconds. Performing this exercise at least 5 minutes a day, you become stronger when dealing with all kinds of temptation.

Eat on time

The greatest stress your body can receive from the most ordinary everyday things. For example, when you eat food every day at different times, for the body it is like a sudden attack. He is unprepared for this. Even if you eat right, but at the same time irregularly, you can gain weight. That is why in order to rid yourself of stress and become more calm and strong-willed, you must eat on time.

Five-minute meditation

Different forms of meditation are gaining popularity every year. The UK Ministry of Health even acknowledged that meditation is one of the best tools for treating prolonged depression. In addition, the researchers found that during regular meditation in the prefrontal cortex, the amount of gray matter increases.

If you do not know how to meditate properly, then you just concentrate on breathing. With every breath, repeat the "breath" and with each exhalation repeat the "exhalation". You can do this exercise for 3-4 minutes each time you have a "strong-willed crime". For example, when the hand itself stretches to an extra piece of cake.

There is hardly a people on Earth that can damage a daily 15-minute walk. Walk — the easiest way to again take himself in hand. First, when you walk your body releases endorphins. Secondly, your body is saturated with oxygen. Thirdly, you become more energetic and you much easier to accept all sorts of arbitrary decisions.

The advice is very simple: for example, you come to a shopping center and have something inside you that teaches you to spend the last money on your credit card. Before you do this, say to yourself: "Well, we will do it. Just let's first go outside and walk for 15 minutes. " Walk, take a deep breath, and then quickly catch a taxi and run away from the mall from sin away.

Light sleep or half-sleep

Of course, it is not very correct to offer sleep in the workplace during lunch in Russian realities, but nevertheless it is a great way to regain control of yourself. When we sleep or are in a state of half-sleep, our volitional functions are restored. That's why we advise you all the same to make 15-20 minutes during lunch, to find some corner and doze. Even a couple of minutes in a daze will make you more a strong-willed person and you will better control yourself.

For other advice on how to develop and strengthen self-control, read in the book "Willpower".