All slaves dream of a good boss. but in practice, alas, it often is not rosy. Sooner or later many have to look for the answer to the question: what if the chief niggles, too much work load, breaks in a bad mood on subordinates? The Soviets will try to answer some questions.

What to do if the boss loads you with work?

Often that the boss has taken on us the increased volume of work, we blame ourselves. Not knowing how to refuse the boss, we first performed an urgent job, then another, and eventually it becomes the norm. The amount of work grow. but performance is not rubber! So our diligence and conscientiousness turn against us. What to do in this case?

In fact, such a situation need to provide more when taking to work — your duties and responsibilities should be documented  in an official document (job description). If the boss tries to charge you with something that is not part of your responsibilities, you have something to appeal to.

If you are trying to load, just for starters talk to the boss. it's possible that your boss simply can not objectively evaluate your performance. Calmly tell him that you can not cope with the increased volume, this can help. The boss is not interested in making mistakes in your work because of haste. Overtime can be claimed for compensation.

If additional tasks you can not get away, ask the chief to arrange for your priorities. When he assigns several tasks, let him tell which of them is the most important, which is the second place, etc. This will help you to not grasp everything and immediately and more effectively and qualitatively perform all tasks.

What if the chief finds fault with?

Nitpicking bosses  - the problem of many subordinates. It seems that you do everything right, jump out of your head to make the boss happy with your work, and he constantly pokes you with your nose in your mistakes. And if the work is done impeccably, it's finding fault with anything else.

If you head plagues chicanery, keep calm. Often the goal of his behavior is to cause your reaction, to snap back or to burst into tears. Therefore it is important to keep cool. But you do not need to ignore the boss with an arrogant manner: better show him that you are ready for cooperation. Ask him for advice: what do you need to do to make your teamwork more effective?

Try to focus on performing their duties instead of having to worry about another nitpicking. The more you worry, the more I think about how to avoid the mistake, the more errors you allow, the more head you niggles — a vicious circle. Stick to the principle "Do what you must, come what will!"

If you have a good friendly community seek support from colleagues. they will help you dispel doubts about your professional fitness, caused by faulty boss. And if the boss finds fault with not only you, mutual support is especially important.

In that case, if nagging bosses are not directly related to work, you have every right to give him polite but resolute rebuff .

What if the head sticks?

This issue mainly concerns women. Even if you personally have not faced this problem, someone from your acquaintances is certainly. The easiest way to deal with the problem is silently resign or create a scandal  and still quit, because it is unlikely that you can after that calmly work in the old place. But the easiest way is not always the most effective.

First, make sure that the problem really is. For some men, flirting is just a style of communication, so they communicate with all women. Perhaps you make mountains out of molehills. But if the chef absolutely accurately gives you unambiguous signs of attention, you need to do something.

Try to dress less provocatively, behave politely pointed out and detached to the chief did not have any thoughts that you like what is happening. Sometimes it is enough politely and tactfully to explain. that the boss does not interest you as a man. The sane man after this should be outdone.

If the underlined distancing and polite conversations do not help, in the course goes"heavy artillery". If someone casually talks about her husband, karate off his superiors to a therapist, which helps to cope with the consequences of rape, hoping that the boss will not verify whether or not the therapist really. And someone was carrying on voice recorder, and then promises the chief that his wife finds out.

The "assortment" of problems that the boss can arrange for his subordinates is wide enough, but many of them arisedue to mutual misunderstanding. and they can be solved without resorting to dismissal.

And have you had any problems with the authorities? As you fought with them?  Share your experience with readers of the Land of Soviets?