Each person's appearance is unique and individual, like his character. Someone has freckles, someone has a dimple on his cheeks. Each facial feature can not only serve as a distinctive feature, but also speak about the character of a person. The dimple on the chin is a small depression in the skin that appears from birth. Many owners of this "zest" do not even assume that it means something, can tell a lot about the habits, behavior and preferences of a person.

As evidenced by the dimple on your chin?

Since ancient times, people have been interested in what each of the facial features means, because they believed that they affect the life of a person and his actions (astrology also gives some answers). Now the study of the individual features of a person's face is called physiognomy.

There is such a legend that in Ancient China the head of the throne was identified only in the shape of his forehead. The chin in Asian philosophy is given special attention. It is generally accepted that this part of the person determines not only the character, but also the potential of the person, his destiny and life in general.

Dredging on the chin has different meanings in the culturology of the countries of the world. In most, the pit means that its owner is a kind and enterprising person and can not live without a smile. In medicine, this feature is regarded as insufficient development of connective tissues or the individual structure of the bones of an innate character.

Anatomy: the appearance of the dimple is possible at the junction of the muscles with a deep layer of skin. This distinctive sign in humans is observed on the cheeks, and on the back, and on the elbows: that is, where the tissue that connects the skin with the bones is not sufficiently developed. Often you can see pits on the surface layers of the epidermis in the places of accumulation of the fat layer. This dimple can have a little girl and an adult.

Many wonder why the fossa on the chin appeared not from birth, but in the adult state. The thing is that this sign can be transmitted genetically (it does not matter in which generation), and some manifest only with age.

What does the dimple in men?

Considered a genetic trait says a lot about the character of the men. Strong chin with a dimple demonstrates the goodwill and understanding as well as masculinity. If a guy has a dimple, then you can say for sure that he is strong, has fighting qualities, but at the same time, it is very gentle and loving young man. The presence of pits on the chin from men in the age talks about temperamental, the desire to be always in the limelight, to be popular among women.

Why is the opposite sex so attractive to men with a similar genetic feature? It's all about external charm: this "zest" adds mystery and touchingness. People are more attracted to others around themselves due to this physiological feature.

Despite the widespread belief that the representatives of the stronger sex with a pit are able to easily take complex decisions, are ready for all and for all to take responsibility, and in extreme situations act with maximum prudence and a "cold" head.

Please note! Physiognomy determines men with this genetic characteristic as temperamental and loving. Therefore, such a person is very difficult to be faithful to just one woman. The lack of attention girls he does not feel.

Among the celebrities of a male and a lot of people with a fairly nice feature in the chin you can verify this by viewing the photo of the "stars". The most famous actor Brad pitt, John Travolta, Michael Douglas and many others. other actors and Actresses (source: Wikipedia)

What is a dimple on the chin of a woman?

Little is known of the fact that the dimple, which is visible on the girl's chin and speaks of her goodwill, also indicates unpredictability in actions, as well as making spontaneous decisions. The nature of the girl with this sign is distinguished by determination and will power. A woman can be quick-tempered and even aggressive, she is enraged, has sexuality, there is always a mystery in her. At the same time, they quickly forgive the offense and are rather quick-witted. Calm family life can only be if a man in many ways forgives his wife her excessive selfishness and unpredictability. A girl who copes with her principles and ambitions can make her marriage long and happy.

The most famous representatives of the fair sex who have a similar "zest" are: Sandra Bullock, Angie Hermon, Sophia Loren, Adele, and Emily Blunt. Each of them is very beautiful and individual, and a nice feature on the face adds brightness and attractive mystery.