If yesterday, 3D printing was the lot of boys of different age groups, trying to adapt new technologies for the production of favorite toys (from racing cars to pistols), today additive production is used for more elevated purposes. Looking at the technological attempts of men, the girls smile and shake their heads, and then they take up 3D printers to make the beautiful floor even more beautiful.

Snezhana gross, a fashion designer from St. Petersburg, decided to combine their experience in the field of IT-technologies with high fashion. The result was own brand MAKE YA SHOW, exploring the capabilities of 3D printing when creating a previously unknown style elements. Moreover, Snezhana directs its efforts to create bright decorations for the podium, but quite practical designs of clothes suitable for everyday use.

In the design process, one of the most high-tech additive manufacturing methods is used - selective laser sintering (SLS), used to produce high-precision prototypes and finished products from plastics and metals. Features of this technology allow creating models of exceptionally high geometric complexity, which attracted couturier's attention.

Snezana hopes to use her experience as a demonstration project for admission to one of the most prestigious universities of applied arts, known for her school of high fashion - the Parsons School of Design.

We bring to your attention the first part of an exclusive interview with a young designer for 3DToday.ru. The sequel will soon follow - stay with us!