New cruise collection Giambattista Valli can be called flower, because the flowers are in various types and combinations were its main components. In English it is called a stable expression of the Flower Power. The brand's designers really charged flower energy and offer fashion-lovers to do the same.

In the new collection, beautiful buds blossom almost on every outfit - on a red and white flowing jumpsuit, on white flared trousers with an inflated waistline, on dresses, skirts and light blouses of the same white color with a variety of floral prints and contrasting finishes. The main color of the collection was just white in combination with black, red and yellow.

It is almost impossible to determine some dominant cut. In the collection, skirts are adjacent to trousers, "mini" competes with "maxi", evening dresses are not inferior to models in the style of sporty chic, monotony is replaced by variegation, and dense fabrics are presented as widely as light streamers. And all this diversity is permeated, however, by the single style of Giambattista Valli.