Professional growth often identified with the career, although in fact it is a completely different concept. That includes professional growth? How to "grow" a professional in yourself? All this detail will tell you the country of the Soviets.

With the right approach professional growth is accompanied by a career. and then all are satisfied: the expert who received the deserved promotion, and the employer who received the valuable employee. However, in some cases professional and career growth does not go hand in hand, but separately. Why is this happening?

The fact that the professional development and career growth are, so to speak, in different planes. Professional growth aimed at expanding professional competencies of the employee or immersion in one particular narrow area of a profession. In turn, career growth is almost always directed upwards, and involves the development of an employee new skills. expansion of his powers.

Career growth, usually more noticeable than professional. Because professional growth is not accompanied by such significant changes: increase in salaries increase in social status, gaining some privileges. Notice a professional growth specialist  it is possible by better or faster performance of assigned tasks, increasing the demand for this specialist among regular customers, and so on.

Many experts complain that the current work place opportunities for professional growth available to them. However, if we look "deeper", it may turn out that this is far from being the case. After all, each specialist determines the criteria of his professional growth independently.

So, for some professional growth is the achievement of goals with minimum resources. for others - recognition in professional circles, the third most important is the increase in wages. Therefore, it is important to establish certain criteria for professional growth for yourself, in order to understand how actively professional development is taking place and whether it is happening at all.

Where should begin professional growth? Ideally, with the right choice of profession. If the professional practice specialist began not by choice, but because some third-party circumstances, professional growth in this case will be very complicated. Only the great interest of man in his profession are able to encourage them to develop their professional skills, gain new knowledge and experience.

In many companies to improve the professional level of employees, various seminars and trainings.  If an expert strives to grow professionally, he should take part in such events, as well as independently develop his own professional knowledge base: study specialized literature, master new methods and consolidate them in practice.

For example, the hairdresser can try yourself in new and challenging haircuts and hairstyles, the cook in preparation of dishes of foreign cuisine, the teacher can try innovative methods of teaching. Boundaries for self-improvement there and every professional, whether he is a simple mechanic or a top Manager of a large company, can start their professional growth.