Lately, many young people are attracted towork on cruise ships. it allows you to earn money and see the world. What are the pros and cons of this work? How to get a job on a cruise ship? This will tell Stana Sovetov.

The lion's share of the crew of any cruise ship is staff. waiters, barmen, chefs, cook assistants, etc. Such work is not easy to call, but it pays well (especially if vacationers are generous to tip). Therefore, young men and women from different countries try their hand at this endeavor.

Usually employment is done through recruitment Agency. You should start to search for such work in advance, because you will have to pass several interviews and issue the necessary documents. And between the interview and the receipt of an invitation to work (LOE, Letter of Employment) may take more than one month.

The main requirement for candidates — knowledge of the English language. because work on cruise liners involves communication with people from different countries. The required age is 21-35 years. Consider also that you will initially have to make some investments: to pay for participation in the program (as a guarantee that you will not refuse) and the agency for mediation, as well as for making necessary documents and air travel.

Begins employment with submission of documents   (the agency will tell you the full list of them) and a resume. Then you pay the first installment. After that, the interview date is assigned. Perhaps you will be assigned two interviews - one in Skype, the second - personal. In addition to the interview, you will have to pass a test of English. Please note that in some cases, interviews are conducted in the Schengen countries, you will also pay for this interview from your own pocket.

If you pass the interview successfully, you are offered contract for 6-12 months. After the interview, you need to issue the necessary documents (seaman's passport, visa, etc.) and book tickets - you travel to the place of work yourself. It is also necessary to pass a medical examination. From the moment you arrive at the port of departure, the employer company is responsible for you.

How complex is the working on a cruise ship?   Many people think that it's easy to work on a liner, because cruises are associated primarily with rest and relaxation. But only tourists relax and relax, and the service personnel often have a difficult time.

The most common work on cruise ships for young people without work experience in the service sector is cleaners, bus boys, the waiters at the bar etc But for, say, a photographer or assistant chef, you may need experience or even special education. The entire staff is divided into departments headed by managers and their assistants. Before starting, you may have to undergo training.

Whoever you got, keep in mind that work schedule is intense. They usually work in shifts - life on a cruise liner does not stop for a minute. Load depends on the specialization - for example, the kitchen works almost uninterruptedly, the shift workers can last 12 hours for kitchen workers. Discipline is quite tough, several violations (usually three) can cost you work, and invested money, of course, no one will return.

For communication with family   on the liner, most likely, will be access to the Internet, but keep in mind that it is not free, and its cost can be quite high. It depends on the "greed" of the company-employer.

But work on cruise ships usuallypretty well paid   - Considering that you do not spend a penny on accommodation, food and medical care. In addition, vacationers often give a generous tip. Spending money on the ship is especially not on that, so that by the end of the contract can accumulate a decent amount.

Home staff in separate cabins   (usually designed for two or four people). The living conditions depend on the vessel and the position held. The cabins are equipped with everything necessary. They need to be maintained in order and clean.

Staff have their own dining rooms and bars, places to stay (cabins-company) and shops etc Shops and bars have specific opening hours, and the prices are usually lower. than for holidaymakers. In general, outside the work the personnel with the rest do not intersect.

Work on cruise ships is not easy, from staff required responsibility, discipline, endurance. the ability for a long time to live away from home. But all the difficulties kompensiruet good earnings and the ability to see the world.

Only you can decide if you do or not. But if you're drawn by the romance of sea travel, a very heed to the choice of the Agency and the execution of all documents, read reviews about the Agency and liner. on which you are going to work, before deciding on such a responsible step.

This article is provided for informational (informational) in nature. We do not employment on cruise ships. Leaving in the comments to this article your contact details and any other personal information, you do so at your own risk. The land of the Soviets is not responsible for the possible use of this information by third parties.