Moscow ladies can already visit the new boutique of the famous brand Versace, in Stoleshnikov lane and plunge into the unique atmosphere of the Italian luxury created by Donatella Versace in collaboration with British architect Jamie Roberton. This amazing tandem was able to unite in a single solution historical motifs and futuristic lines, typical features of classic Italian style and energy of contemporary fashion brand. Here you will see the mosaic floors in the spirit of the Byzantine palaces of the ninth century, in combination with transparent Plexiglas walls and shelves. The total area of the boutique is 250 sqm, and the whole space is now filled with a unique atmosphere Versace.

In honor of such a momentous event as the opening of the new concept Versace, Donatella has developed a limited collection of famous brand handbags Signature under the original name "Chao, Versace!" The collection includes bags calf leather in black and white and products made of Python leather in gold color. To each bag of this limited line is attached a small gift – a detachable keychain leather gold logo collection. Remains respond by saying, "Hello, Versace!" the new brand shop popular brands and fun to shop in the spacious sales rooms.