The annual fashion show of the world's leading brand of lingerie Victoria's Secret this year will be held on December 2. For the first time it will not be held in New York, as usual, but in London. For connoisseurs of the truly precious negligee that is shown during these exclusive shows, as well as to fans of famous models who will demonstrate their slender bodies framed with laces, feathers and jewelry, one does not have to fly beyond this unusual spectacle overseas. But this does not mean that it's easy to get to the Victoria's Secret angels show - the cost of a ticket for shows in terms of dollars is 16 thousand. This is a tidy sum, which, to put it mildly, not everyone can afford.

Organizers not only unveiled the price of aesthetic pleasure, but also explained how it was formed. The Victoria's Secret show is not a spectacle for everyone, but only for the elite, for the richest and most famous, in whom the legendary brand sees its customers. That's why, on the podium, Miranda Kerr and Dautzen Kroes, Adrian Lim and Carly Kloss, Karou Delevin and Jordan Dunn, as well as other famous "Angles", are facing a fortune. Communicate with them and after the show, during a party dedicated to this significant fashion event, you can only for $ 19,192. So, if you are ready for such waste, order tickets, and hurry, or you may not be in time.