Scarf is a stylish and fashionable accessory that can make any image mysterious, romantic and elegant. It is with pleasure carried by both women and men. Fashion scarves, Winter 2014-2015, photos of fashionable women's scarves and scarves of 2015 will be discussed in this article.

The most stylish models of scarves, Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Scarves perform not only a decorative function (for example, chiffon, light models that adorn a suit or dress), but also protective. In the cold season, they are protectors against strong wind, rain and snow. Therefore, the selection of fashionable scarves and shawls 2014 -2015 should be approached responsibly.

Women's scarves, Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Being the main fashionista, the fair sex representatives prefer the most original, unusual and stylish models. In this season, boas are very popular. These stylish models, made of fur, can give each girl elegance and sophistication. Scarves and scarves 2015 from silk and satin are very popular with modern women of fashion. They are ideal for socks in autumn and spring and perfectly complement the female image, giving it airiness and lightness. These transparent scarves will revive even the most boring and ordinary image!

With the onset of cold weather, warmth and comfort come to the fore. Therefore, knitted scarves of the year 2015 are made of materials such as rabbit and goat down, cashmere, camel wool and angora.

Models made of these materials differ not only in their protective properties, but also in their original design. This season, unusual scarves, with prints in the form of false colors, patterns, etc., are at the peak of popularity.

Very extravagant and unusual look, long scarves. Designers advise women to be bolder and purchase to your wardrobe this stylish and original new!

2015 men's scarves, Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Men's scarves, unlike women's models, are not full of bright colors and various additional elements, but they are distinguished by originality and laconism.

The most luxurious models are scarves made of fine Merino or Pashmina hand-knitted. They are the perfect complement to an expensive men's costume. Classical kashne has not lost its relevance in the new season. In the autumn of 2014, the more succinct colors of the muffler with geometric or ethnic patterns are especially relevant.

In this season, cashmere and silk models became very popular. They are successfully combined with shirts, jumpers and jackets. The novelty of the season Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 - fashionable scarves, made in the style of a ready-made loop.

They do not need to tie yourself, which is very convenient! After all, the finished loop always looks stylish and neat!

It is fashionable to tie a scarf in the season Autumn-Winter 2014-2015?

Ways to tie a scarf 2015 are original and beautifully great variety. If you prefer to stand out from the crowd, we advise you to learn unusual, tie a scarf, which will become the main accent of your outfit. This season is particularly relevant varieties of various knots and loops. A women's dress or costume can be decorated with a scarf in the shape of a shawl and collar. The true mods know that scarves can be worn both on outer clothing, and under a shirt and blouse.

Scarves 2014-2015 will be an excellent addition to any image of both business and romantic! Do not deny yourself the purchase of this stylish and fashionable accessory in this season!