For several years now in the world is held, and is quite successful, the campaign against propaganda of excessive thinness. It began in 2006 after a promising young model Luisel Ramos died of heart failure right on the catwalk. An investigation into the death of a young and apparently healthy girl, revealed the dire circumstances: Luisel three months starving in order to participate in paid show. It turned out that among the models of this practice is the norm – fashion models, in an effort to meet the needs of fashion designers, almost not eating, pushing himself to anorexia.

A blatant case of death in a fashion show, as well as a rapidly growing incidence of anorexia, made the public think about the dangers inherent in the standards of beauty that are remote from the physiological norm, dictated by fashion. Then the designers concluded an agreement on non-admission to shows models with a body mass index below 18.

The shock of 2006 passed, on the catwalks of the world more and more you could see girls of normal build, with a healthy blush and a blossoming view. Perhaps, to the creative team Armarni it all bored, it seemed too "sweet" and - voila! Again, instead of mouth-watering roundness in the deep neckline, bulging bones are visible, "blood with milk" and velvet cheeks gave way to unhealthy pallor and protruding cheekbones, and on the podium barely dragged "heavy" hairpin sticks of anorexic mannequins. Showing the collection of Emporio Armarni at the Milan Fashion Week sent spectators into shock.

Many famous guests of the show expressed their strong impression on the social networks from the last show of the famous brand. Fans of Armarni write that they like things of this brand, its original design and special character, but it's hard to look at "bodies with sticking bones". Fashion connoisseurs and clients of the Armarni Fashion House are asking his leaders to allow the mannequins to eat ...