Show Christian Dior – traditionally one of the most anticipated and at least traditionally one of the most spectacular fashion Week in Paris. Once again on the podium were dressed models in outfits embodying both style and tradition of the brand, and a fresh perspective on modern fashion RAF Simons.

The basis of the collection was classic colors - white and black. However, this strict monochrome classic in the second half of the show was unexpectedly diluted with a rich yellow and bright crimson, then smoothly flowed into tender pink and blue.

Tightened trousers that emphasize slenderness and an aspen waist, tops and blouses, without which there is not a single wardrobe, all kinds of dresses, skirts from mini to maxi, jacket jackets, original overalls, stylish leather coats - in the collection of Raf Simons was not forgotten either of the possible "inhabitants" of the women's wardrobe.

Guests of the Christian Dior show also appreciated the unusual decor, especially embroidery, extraordinary accessories and shoes. Developing the latest collection of the brand, his creative director paid tribute to such techniques as asymmetry, silhouettes new look, sloping bulky shoulders, perforation. No excessive tinsel and pretentiousness - only the noble purity of the silhouette and completeness of the forms as signs of the highest skill of the designer.