The Paris fashion forum traditionally opens new names of the fashion world. And it's not just promising designers, but already established artists with their own style and handwriting, whose creations are worthy of being represented in Paris. The opening of the last Fashion Week was a young promising fashion designer from India Rahula Mishra. Thus, the guests of the main fashion event of the season could not only appreciate the creations of an unknown designer, not just watch the possible birth of a new name in the modeling business - they became participants in the expansion of the world of high fashion to the east. And if we talk about Asia, which was still represented on the catwalks mainly by Japan and China, the accession of a huge India can be called a significant fashionable breakthrough.

The designer's show titled "The Tale of a Ferryman" was expected to be imbued with the spirit and poetry of the East, ancient civilizations, but unexpectedly had quite modern, it is possible to say, European forms. The Rahula Mishra collection of the spring-summer 2015 season has left the impression of exquisite simplicity - the clothes of the modern silhouette are made in the color and motives of the traditional painting of India. The designer himself said that his goal in developing this collection was to give a feeling of lightness and simplicity, leaving behind the doors of the studio and workshops all the work invested in sewing these things, that is, creating simplicity from complexity. The collection is designed for everyday wear, designer outfits are perfect for office, party, and theater. Another distinctive feature of the collection was that the designer attracted the most ordinary workers to produce it, giving income to the inhabitants of poor areas.