The Park is a sporty style, it is comfortable, warm and as practical as possible. It goes well with jeans, and with a strong office look. Some women's parkas are fashionable this spring?

Spring models of jacket parks: current trends

Fashion tends to comfort, so it is not surprising that sport style comes to the fore. Although the catwalks were presented a variety of outerwear. Of the most important is: cropped leather jackets & coats in bright colors, bombers and Maxi-coats. Sizes is now also possible not to be soared. Voluminous silhouettes are still attracting designers, and they produce more and more clothes size oversize. To recall the long coat-blankets from the winter collection and a wide colorful poncho. All this will be true in the spring.

The preferred length for a jacket-parks – to mid-thigh. Is the shortened model with interesting detail, such as rounded shoulders. These jackets are very similar to the cover on the teapot. The present trend of the next season's clothes in military style. Park khaki, with a contrasting leather or a quilted material – an absolute mast have. A must-have addition is the oversized hood with fur. The latter may be the most unbelievable colors.

Color and prints

For our latitude quality warm outerwear is always an investment number one. For a long time we wear this thing, so choose it very carefully. With styles, we understood, now let's get to color. The latest spring colors are white, yellow, orange and gray. Also you can buy a jacket in fashionable pastel tones. For example, a delicate rose or a refreshing mint color will adjust on a romantic spring mood. We should also mention the emerald and the shade sangria. These rich noble colors popular for several seasons.

From prints suggest you choose the flower. Now less bright floral print, the outlines of the flowers blurred and looked like a delicate watercolor drawings. To replace the skin of reptiles comes leopard print. Look good it will be self-confident, daring fashion. The unforgettable black-and-white cell has long passed into the category of classics, so if you don't want to risk – take it.

What to wear with

In addition to sporting things Park fit perfectly, it is possible to wear things like mens look. For example, the classic three-piece suit, men's shirts and sweaters. Woolen shorts or a dress with an easy fit you can easily wear to the office. Shoes should not be too high, as the jacket has an elongated silhouette. Mid-ankle or slightly above what you need. Heel can be worn, but preferably below it was wide.

The most stylish jackets-parks: photo