Brand ElectraStyle that since 1997 produces outerwear – coats, jackets, overcoats and coats – in the middle price segment, is becoming increasingly popular among Russian fashionistas, after all, a great addition to reasonable prices is the top quality, functional and original models. Moreover, dynamic brand attracts advertising campaigns stars of the Russian show business, which is to have a positive impact on its popularity.

So in the spring campaign 2015, we will see a familiar face – a beautiful woman and a talented actress, dedicated mother and a positive person – Evelina Bledans. Already appeared the first pictures of the campaign on which the original models bright spring colors are so harmonious look slender, toned and always smiling Evelyn. The main colors of the collection are Laguna, mint, tangerine and coral.

All models are made of high quality fabrics French, Italian and Korean production. Patterns, which is sewed clothes ElectraStyle, created with the characteristics of the shape of Slavic women. So this company looks perfect on our statuesque beauties. The time in these dreary autumn days to take care of your spring wardrobe – and the mood will rise, and spring is shopping you can go for a walk.