Each of us is individual and unique. But sometimes, due to some circumstances, to prove oneself there is not enough money or time. With the help of an original tie wrapped around a neck or a scarf, we can not only make our image unique, but also emphasize all the advantages, while hiding some of the disadvantages.

Ways to tie a scarf on the neck

First, decide on the image. It all depends on where you're going to go and what you will wear. If it's a romantic dinner or a walk with friends, you can just lightly throw a handkerchief around your neck and several times casually wrap it around. So you give your image a dreaminess and lightness. Do not forget that the texture of the scarf or stole must necessarily go to the outer clothing. For example, a lace or silk shawl is not very suitable for a fur coat or a warm coat. In addition, stopping at the choice of color, select all accessories, including gloves, scarf and handbag, in a single color scheme. The most interesting ways to tie a scarf around your neck you can look at the video. Here are collected 25 unique variants of tying a scarf, each of them can be repeated even by the youngest woman of fashion.

How to tie a men's scarf on the neck

Men also follow fashion trends. It turns out that earlier the neck bandages were used only by warriors during long hikes. They protected men from cold, wind and sun. Then the rich European gentlemen began to wear handkerchiefs as part of an everyday wardrobe. Now the stronger sex also does not deny yourself these bright accessories. They look great in everyday wear and will perfectly adorn the festive look. Tying them is simple enough, you can wrap it around your neck once and make a light knot, and hide the ends under your shirt. And you can just throw it on top of a coat. But men's scarves on a thin female neck, too, look very elegant and unusual. If you are a fan of all unusual and extraordinary, then this zest should be in your closet necessarily. Designers advise to use men's shawls for women in everyday wear, combining with torn jeans and knitted raglans. You can also put it under a business suit or jacket, thus showing determination and rigor.

Tie a small scarf on the neck

It's nice to tie a small handkerchief around your neck beautifully. Although some ladies complain that these accessories have small ends, and do not always manage to hide them in an original way. Indeed, there are not many ways to beautifully lay a small handkerchief. But if you still prefer small accessories, choose colorful pictures and picturesque patterns. Thus, even a scarf knotted on a simple knot, will become a wonderful decoration of a strict costume, a romantic dress or a summer sarafan. You can also tie the ends on the back of the neck or, if the size of the scarf allows, under the triangle from the front. So your image will look even more enticing and spicy. You can also decorate the neck bandage with a beautiful brooch or hair clip. The main thing, do not be afraid to experiment and try constantly something new.

If you do not already have a beautiful scarf around your neck, then it's time to get this bright and very fashionable accessory. It can now be selected for any style and mood. It will be the final note of your unique image.