In may 2015 in Cannes festival. Actually, this is not news. The news is that it is not about the film festival, and fashion. An outstanding event in the film industry now will coexist with screenings, exhibitions, competitions, which will be attended by legendary designers and brands, and beginners.

Currently, the organizers develop a basic concept of the event, are working to attract big-name sponsors, and the invitation no less eminent of the guests. Projected, and rightly so, that in the Cannes Fashion Festival will be attended by fashion designers from around the world. It is planned as open access for media representatives and fashion bloggers.

It also assumes that the site of the new festival will be a good start for young talented designers, whose creations will be able to see the brightest stars of cinema and show-business, and screenings will be covered in the leading mass media along with the events of the festival.

On the catwalks of Cannes Fashion Festival will be showing a collection of clothes "pret-a-porter" and "Haute couture" lingerie, Bridal wear, accessories and jewelry. Festival participants will gather at the hotel Majestic Barriere until may 20, and the screenings will be held may 20-22. Probably a new fashion event will become a tradition...