That's who God has given many talents, so this is the famous couturier, an unrivaled photographer and videographer, and now also confectioner Karl Lagerfeld. One has only to be surprised at the versatility of the maestro and his inexhaustible energy. One leadership of the creative team of the Chanel fashion house would be enough for many people for permanent employment, but the designer manages personally to shoot advertising campaigns of many brands, and also to create capsule collections. For example, in the lapbook Maison Michel you can already see extremely original hats created for this brand by Lagerfeld in honor of their favorite models. They are called - Kara, Poppy, Anya, Kendall and Carly. Perhaps there is no need to specify whose names they are.

But that's not all. The master of high fashion decided to realize himself in the confectionery art and created the French classic dessert Bûche de Noël in the form of the famous lipstick Chanel. Couturier was not just drawn to the sweet - a confectionery masterpiece was designed for the world's only Chanel restaurant - Beige Alain Ducasse in Tokyo on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment. This is also a kind of capsule collection - a dessert will be released in the amount of only 100 copies, and orders for it are accepted from the beginning of November. So, if you would like to enjoy the taste of a truly edible lipstick, it's worth hurrying, since the chances of getting into a hundred sweetheart-lucky mates are melting every day. The cost of the cake is indecently low for the creation of Karl Lagerfeld - only 100 euros for a masterpiece of caramel and chocolate, complete with a designer sketch.