In its new advertising campaign, Donatella Versace decided to go against the established rules of fashion shooting – she refused to retouch photos, without which in recent years, none of the photo shoot.

Once, to hide some defects in appearance or signs of aging stars, photographers had to work hard - differently put out light, used light filters on lenses, etc., etc. With the advent of the age of computer technology, all problems can be to solve, in the literal sense of the word, an easy gesture of the hand - programs for processing photographs are great. It is no wonder that from the pages of magazines and from TV screens we are just looking at ideal stars and models, in comparison with which a common man in the street can just hang himself from the realization of his own imperfection.

Although almost everyone knows about photoshop and understands that the pictures of even the youngest stars are fairly "podrikhtovany." Especially many accusations of using retouching have recently been in the direction of the Madonna. In light of this, the photoshoot to advertise the spring-summer collection of 2015 in Versace fashion house will be of special interest. Donatela decided not to retouch the hands and belly of the stars, because she looks great for her age. And though the Madonna's body can be called excessively dry and sinewy, many women much younger than the 56-year-old singer can only envy her form.

In the latest advertising campaign Donatella Versace asked her famous model to show not only sexuality, but also those qualities that she sees and knows in Madonna - a gentle soul that is afraid of loneliness, and at the same time - strength, fearlessness, determination. They filmed a story about the real Madonna for Versace Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.